From Spurrier to Mullen

Ian Boyd’s second dive into Florida’s offense is worth a read.  Boyd says Mullen is embracing an NFL-style spread, pass first offense, mainly because that’s what his roster dictates.

In an era where the game is moving towards being able to just blow your opponents away by chucking the ball to matchup problems in space, the Florida teams are theoretically at a major advantage. Because finding and fielding skill athletes from their recruiting turf isn’t terribly difficult.

The catch?  Well, there’s always a trade off, isn’t there…

What you lose with the pro-spread, pass-first approach is the ability to protect the quarterback easily with the run game and to pick up short-yardage.

One reason I feel good about Georgia’s chances against Florida this season (again) is because of the favorable defensive match-up of the Gators’ passing attack against what should be a very strong Dawgs back seven, made even better by the relative lack of a threat from the Florida running game.  All of which makes me wonder if we’ll see more Emory Jones in this year’s meeting than we did in 2019.


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8 responses to “From Spurrier to Mullen

  1. Don’t forget UGA’s 3rd down conversion rate against FU’s d…..and that is another “Bulldog point of pride”…..

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  2. Biggus Rickus

    They’re also a thinner at the receiver spots. Their roster still dictates heavy passing, but they have fewer weapons outside than last year, and it will be interesting to see if Trask regresses due to that. That reduction in talent outside may also lead Mullen to do what you suggest and try to inject a running threat more often in the form of Jones.


  3. UGA '97

    Boyds 2 example plays for Florida O vs Auburn, are weak sauce. The motion & 4 wide ain’t new o defenses any more with the more frequent package plays seen on Saturdays. ISince Trask is not a run threat, ie he is not likely to pull, Ds can put a man on the RB.Perine got stopped at the line and was lucky Auburn didn’t wrap up, including poor tackling down field. Take that play off board and gators are scoreless in the entire 2nd half. The other pass interference call is luck, Pitts is a TE and ain’t gonna be outrunning corners down sideline routes too often. He will need Jones much more.


  4. siskey

    Won’t Mullen run into the same issues that Richt and Bobo ran into in the later years at UGA? When Florida plays teams that are more talented and physical this type of offense does not work. Maybe because of the way the game has changed in the past 5 years they will have more success but I hope not.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    “Mullen is embracing an NFL-style spread, pass first offense…”

    Most nfl teams can’t find QBs who can handle a “pass first offense”. And even when you find a QB who can sling it, like Stafford, Rodgers, Rivers, etc., you still need great players at other key positions if you’re going to beat opponents that have talent and depth across the board.

    Mullen’s problem is Trask can’t run effectively and Jones can’t pass effectively. And the overall talent and depth is trending down due to ‘meh’ recruiting and attrition.


  6. Macallanlover

    Is Boyd totally unaware of the whiffs Mullet and staff have piled up since coming to Gainesville? Those hoards of talented players at the skill positions on FU’s turf have been available ever since Dancing Danny arrived. Even with weak in-state rivals surrounding him, he hasn’t been able to land talent. Then look at the success UGA, Clem, Bama, and ohio have enjoyed, the gap has widened for the Gaytors against each of those rosters.

    Mullet has a record of “ofer” all championships as a HC. Stop trying to make him something he has never been. If you want to see the guy who will end up bringing their team success, look to Tallahassee in 2-3 years. Mullet, no hat or cattle.


  7. AceDawg

    Someone else will be seeing Emory Jones’ game in 2021 if he doesn’t get a real shot this season me thinks. And me thinks Trask will be getting most snaps unless he gets hurt. Me likes that.


  8. BMan

    “Because finding and fielding skill athletes from their recruiting turf isn’t terribly difficult.” That’s what Kirby says every time he sends a coach down there to recruit.