Today, in just win, baby

This story is as infuriating as it is predictable. Nor will it be the only one of its kind.


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  1. TN Dawg

    Or maybe the parents, coaches and players alike all thought the lockdown was ridiculous and wanted to pursue an activity they love in spite of government directives.

    Maybe a lot of people don’t think we need to be saved from ourselves and just want to be free to live life.


      • TN Dawg

        I guess I just have difficulty understanding your outlook, and it’s probably a byproduct of my own world view.

        On the one hand, I see an issue like NLI, and I think that while the current policy is definitely favorable only to the schools, that the players sign on knowing what the rules are, what the restrictions are and agree to the terms, be it for a desire to obtain a college degree, because they just like playing or because they see college football as a means to an end in the pros. And in the end, if you know the rules and agree to them, you aren’t really a victim or being abused at all.

        On the other hand, I see an issue like the societal lockdown that nobody agreed to. It was just ordered. And they have asked us to forego all of the things we love like going to parks, movies, to dine with friends, have a cocktail, worship the Lord, watch a ballgame, go shopping any many other things, including running businesses and making a living. And, in my opinion, if you are told you must forgo living life without agreeing to, yes, you are a victim and being abused by the powers that be.

        I’m sure you disagree, and that’s okay. I’m not really trying to zing you, convince you, or anything else. Just trying to have a discussion of the issue.


        • I don’t take it personally. 😉

          FWIW, I don’t get the “societal lockdown that nobody agreed to” bit. You want a vote before governors can issue orders in the face of an emergency? That seems awfully unwieldy. Also, if you check polling results, a clear majority of the public still favors shelter in place orders. (Not to mention that people were already sheltering in place before any orders were issued.)

          Governments issue orders and make laws all the time that a portion of the electorate dislikes. That’s democracy.

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          • ASEF

            Remember when smoking ordinances were compared to Hitler?

            Good times


            • Napoleon BonerFart

              So silly. I’m glad we’re in a more enlightened age where repealing some environmental regulations, cutting taxes, and increasing border security are much more accurately compared to Hitler.


          • TN Dawg

            I agree to an extent.

            Without delving too deep into politics and government, as I know you prefer that be reserved for the weekly dedicated post, but we are a Constitutional republic not a straight democracy.

            Being tongue in cheek a bit, if we could get a plurality of voters to agree the gingers have no soul, and therefor it would be legal to enslave redheads, the governmental laws allowing it would not be appropriate or legal, as they would violate Constitutionally protected civil rights.

            Much of what has been done has been dubious at best, legally speaking. Emergency powers were never meant to be applied in the way they have been. Even during hurricanes, the government has never forced people to leave or evacuate their homes.

            Denying people the right to assemble, as in this instance, or worship as in others would not meet Constitutional muster in a court system, in my opinion.

            So I guess to answer your question, I think the suspension of rights that exist outside of law, that are considered to be endowed by nature, should be extremely unwieldy, really to the point of requiring a Constitutional amendment.

            But that is just my view.


            • Classic City Canine

              Wait, you think a temporary lockdown should have to be approved as an amendment to the Constitution? I’m not even sure the Founders would agree with you. (They wouldn’t have created an executive branch of government otherwise) A pandemic is clearly an emergency situation. If you’re concerned with permanent government overreach, well, we’ve got elections to deal with that issue.


              • TN Dawg

                How can an election resolve a permanent government overreach if the government is always permitted to overreach by structure?

                The Constitutional rights are natural law recognized by government, not rights granted by the government.


                • Napoleon BonerFart

                  Easy. If you think the federal government is overreaching, you just petition the federal government to review its procedures. If you’re lucky, the government will admonish itself and change its practices. At least until it passes a new law normalizing the abuses it was previously engaged in. Granted, it usually just rules in favor of itself. But you’ve got a chance. It’s a great system!


    • Derek

      There really is nothing more vindicating of individual freedom than football practice.

      I remember specifically the coaches screaming “do whatever you want!!” “Run whatever play feels right to you!”

      If they ran us through specific warm ups, drills and plays as they dictated
      to us with the goal of team success, rather than giving us space to express our individuality without regard to outcomes, I’m sure none of us would have been interested in it.

      If football were a top down enterprise you’d just be creating mindless sheeple who would be conditioned to just do whatever they were told to.


  2. Rush Propst is probably doing the same thing in Winnersville, but VHS boosters are so desperate for a return to the glory days they would never let something like this get out.



    They’ll all be dead in two weeks.


    • And if only one person gets sick from that, you’ll feel vindicated, amirite? 😉


    • Normaltown Mike

      Attending a HS graduation party in Alamo, Georgia is more dangerous than football practice for these young men.


      • jtp03

        I know right! Wasn’t it awful how a few of these kids who were at that party came home to their family and then sure enough, the next week a grandparent caught gunshot wounds.

        It’s not about the mortality rate in this age range, it is about transmission.


  4. Bright Idea

    Idiots like this will keep the reason they’re trying to gain an advantage from ever happening, real games.


  5. mwo

    Behavior like this is what scares me the most about this situation. I’m about the most anti-government control person you will ever meet. That said, I think we should follow guidelines set forth by the CDC. As more and more states and businesses reopen, we are counting on people having common sense. Just having to rely on others for that scares the living shit out of me.


    • Dawg1

      They make us, under threat of jail,
      wear a mask they said for 6 weeks I was crazy for even suggesting it might help, then make me sign my receipt with their own pen in a cup or use the screen that everyone else has to touch.

      It’s all crazy right now.


  6. ASEF

    This isn’t a group of adults deciding to party. It’s adults directing kids.

    You know a lot of those kids have parents and relatives at risk. And all of these kids go home to those parents and relatives.

    Even if the workouts are “voluntary,” we know how “voluntary” football workouts. Don’t show up, you’re volunteering for special teams duty and carrying around water bottles for starters. Which puts parents in the position of having to say no. Which is already hard enough.

    Just inexcusably poor judgment.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    “Several members of the Class of 2020 at the Lovett School in Buckhead have tested positive for the coronavirus…”

    That was in the news just two days ago. The virus hasn’t gone away.


    • PTC DAWG

      Nobody has said it has gone away..


    • It’s not going to go away. That’s the thing. It will not ever go away. There will be some form of Corona Virus as long as there are human beings. What people have to determine for themselves as restrictions are lifted is how much risk they are willing to accept based on how dangerous they feel it is, and as a secondary matter the amount of risk they are willing to expose others.


  8. Got Cowdog

    Has anyone considered the level of, I hate to say “care” but maybe “attention” that the players are not receiving by being denied access to campus and the facilities that their scholarship provides? Is it realistic to say that they receive better nutrition, discipline, training, supervision, and overall attention to their well being at home in East Bumble than they do at a university level program?