Monken’s contract

The deets were released today.  (My, how 90 days fly… but I digress.)

I don’t really care what his salary is, just the buyout terms.

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He gets a discount for a lateral move?  Wow.  I guess that tells me who had the leverage on this deal.  Maybe it’s a tell as to how much autonomy he’ll have with the offense this season.


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8 responses to “Monken’s contract

  1. Athens Townie

    Not saying anyone is wrong, as none of us outside of a handful of folks really know, but I ready that a bit differently.

    Monken definitely got some friendly buyout terms. However, two points: (1) We don’t know whether he gave somewhere else in the deal to get them that way. (2) Leverage is not the only potential explanation. It could also be that UGAAA just wasn’t particularly worried about a lateral move as a high risk scenario that they want to discourage with liquidated damages. With Monken’s résumé, a lateral move from this position would seem like a bit of a failure.


  2. The other Doug

    Everything is tee’d up for him to be successful at UGA, and if he is then he will take a HC job. If he takes a lateral move then he wasn’t very successful at UGA.


    • WIll (the other one)

      I wonder how much of a HC flight risk he really is. He’s done the HC thing at Southern Miss, and did a decent job of it — taking them from terrible to really pretty good — and bailed to coach solely on the offensive side of things again in the NFL. But that leads me to daydreaming that Kirby found his offensive coordinator equivalent to Brent Venebles and that’s way too much happy thinking before a single practice down has even happened.


      • The other Doug

        That’s an interesting point. Venables does interview, so I think he wants an HC job. The rumor is he comes off as a terrible candidate in interviews. I dunno.

        There’s definitely enough money in being a coordinator that a guy like Monken could stay and be happy. Athens is a great place to raise a family.


      • Macallanlover

        If he came to Athens to be a “Venables stay in college coordinator” type guy, we would have paid him much more that $1.25MM per year. I am afriad if he is good, it could be one-and-done, if he flops we will have to beat the bushes again; either way, we have to hit the trail looking again very soon.


  3. TripleB

    If he left after year one to take OC, he would have to pay 20% of what’s left. I read where year two and three are for a combined 2.65 million. 20% of that would be $520,000.00. That’s more for a lateral move, or am I reading this wrong?
    I guess if he left before year three (1.4 million salary) the buyout would be $280,000.00, but if he’s good they would probably have another extension in place then, right?


  4. Bright Idea

    Just in case the dude won’t recroot 24/7/365 let’s make it easy on him to leave.