Oh, wait. You were serious about that?

This is some question.


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12 responses to “Oh, wait. You were serious about that?

  1. Russ

    I wouldn’t. But then I’m a Georgia fan.

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  2. Biggen

    No idea who Bailey is but JG is a turnover machine. He is downright awful. Maurer seems better but has the body of a 12 year old with those chicken wings of his.

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  3. Dawg1

    Da Lugen ain’t just a tobaggan sport in Jamaica.


  4. MillyDawg

    I watched Bailey play against Lowndes in the state championship game. Having Arik Gilbert to throw to made Bailey look a lot better than he really is. Lowndes’ D absolutely abused him in the 2nd half and he looked helpless.


  5. Napoleon BonerFart

    Best response.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am going to have to think about that those choices. Hmmm…


  7. Granthams replacement

    I guess Mathis and Beck tip the scale too much


  8. siskey

    If you read the thread the cult of personality that they have for Pruitt makes it apparent that they are going down the Butch Jones path again. Poor dumb assholes.


  9. stoopnagle

    What kind of stupid ass question is that? Man that 6 win streak has really got in their head hasn’t it? It’s like Georgia State and BYU totally didn’t happen.


  10. Mayor

    Who was dumb enough to answer “yes” to that question? Sheesh!