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Today, in freedom

This is not offered as a special edition Playpen, but instead as a preemptive warning:  do not be this guy at GTP.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Does trumps executive order apply to this message board

For one thing, it’s wrong, legally speaking.  For another, it’s rude.  You come in my house and take a dump on the rug, you’ll be escorted out.  It’s no different here online.

You may think I’m overreacting, but you don’t see the comments I get from people I’ve banned.

Don’t be that guy.  Please.


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One other JT Daniels thought

As a non-graduate transfer, Georgia’s newest quarterback isn’t eligible to play in the 2020 season without a waiver from the NCAA.  Seth Emerson ($$) wrote yesterday that Daniels does intend to apply for a waiver once he’s enrolled at UGA.

If that’s what he wants, more power to him, obviously, but speaking selfishly, it sure seems like it would be better for the program if Daniels didn’t get the waiver.  For one thing, there’s a question about his health.

Daniels is still less than a year removed from the knee injury that ended things right out of the gate. He wouldn’t have been a go in spring ball had it gone off, and part of the reason he’s transferring is because he likely wouldn’t have had the shot to beat out Kedon Slovis.

It’s not 100% certain that he’ll be 100% healthy by the time Georgia fall camp rolls around, either.

In a perfect world, Newman is fantastic, Daniels gets a full year to heal up and get ready to roll, and then the offense is his in 2021. But if there isn’t a season, then he gets the time off to get stronger and learn the system, Newman will be off to the NFL, and Georgia has its guy.

I assume, given the times, that Georgia hasn’t had the direct opportunity to evaluate the state of Daniels’ knee yet.  I would also assume that’s something of a concern until Courson can check it out and recommend if any further rehab is needed.

Beyond that, though, assuming that Newman is up to the job (that also being something the staff hasn’t really had the direct opportunity to evaluate), spacing out a line of succession from him in 2020 to Daniels in 2021 seems advantageous.  As far as what happens after 2021, Daniels would have two years of eligibility left once five-star Brock Vandagriff arrives on campus and you’d have to think there’s a legit chance Daniels doesn’t stay for both if he takes off as Georgia’s starter in 2021.

Where that leaves the three other scholarship quarterbacks on Georgia’s roster is a good question.  I’d have to think Smart has already taken the time to meet with them about their prospects.  I’d also have to think that with the roster being several players over the 85-man limit, one of them will be going into the transfer portal in the near future.  It’ll be a shame for the odd man out, but Kirby has shown he’s pretty relentless when it comes to roster management.  As I’ve already noted, he’s got a quarterback room in much better shape today than it was in January, and that’s what counts from his selfish standpoint.


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Moar Newman context

This is good advice about how not to read too much into Jamie Newman’s 2019 season at Wake Forest.

He played in an offensive scheme light years away from what he’ll be playing in this season.  The stats he generated will only take the analysis so far.  You have to trust that Smart and staff evaluated Newman carefully and saw enough physical ability to make for a successful transition.


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“We put some new rags in. Y’all think I’m kidding, but I’m serious.”

Gotta admit, Kirby’s talk about educating the players about the coronavirus risk brought to mind a question:  if he were still the coach at UT, what would SOD have to say about that?

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Your Daily Gator is living vicariously.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Daniel Jones Kyle Trask Fanpage on Twitter AnthonyDasher1 Classic uga fan, changing the topic when he[...]

Your team’s on a three-game losing streak, but South Carolina?  Jeez, dude, you sound like a Tech fan.  Have a little dignity.


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“You can’t just be lip service as far as, ‘We’re in it for the student-athlete…’”

As much shade as I’ve thrown the way of schools with pandemic plans that seem little more than hope that nothing blows up in their institutional faces, it’s only fair to give credit where credit’s due for those programs that have put some real thought into the matter.

One example, I’m proud to say, comes from our own University of Georgia.  I was impressed with what I saw from Kirby Smart yesterday; the answers in this Q&A from yesterday’s presser are exactly what you’d expect from someone who pays as much attention to detail as we know Smart does.

Q: How serious are the players taking this?

A: The last thing we need right now, if people want to have a football season or any kind of athletic season, is to have another flare-up. The biggest thing we can do as far as taking care of that is to make good decisions and be aware. So, we’re going to educate or players because, I promise you, there are some of our players who don’t feel vulnerable because of what they’ve heard because they think they have super powers. So we’re going to educate our guys to be safe and make good decisions.

Q: What will you say to a player who is uncomfortable with coming back?

A: The first thing is defer to the medical staff. We’ve got one of the best medical staffs in the country in Ron Courson and Dr. (Fred) Reifsteck. We’ve had multiple meetings with them, they’ve talked to our players and their parents in terms of trying to educate them. There is no pressure. To a man, every one of these guys is working out. If they’re working out at home, could you argue that wherever they’re working out, at home, at a local gym, the high school, backyard, that that environment is as safe as one that’s monitored and taken care of by our staff. As a parent I’d certainly feel a lot better about my daughter or son being able to work in that environment that’s been professionally taken care of outside of wherever they’re working out currently. We found that to be the case with most we’ve talked to.

Compare that to this:

SEC schools Arkansas, LSU and Missouri, however, will not require coronavirus testing when players begin returning to campus June 8. Only those showing symptoms or returning from hot spots in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Orleans will be tested upon their arrival on Arkansas’ campus. Interestingly, the Arkansas campus is located in the heart of the newest hot spot in the country for the novel coronavirus. The metro area in Northwest Arkansas has the nation’s highest average daily growth rate (12 percent), according to a New York Times report Tuesday.

“I can tell you with great assurance we didn’t get any questions or concerns from parents about returning their student-athletes to campus,” Arkansas athletics director Hunter Yurachek said.

Maybe it’s just a case of a lot of blanks not being filled in there, but if I were a parent of one of those kids, I’d sure have questions for a guy who also said, “In athletics or in life, no plan can guarantee that anyone affiliated with our program will not contract COVID-19.”

I get that there is no risk-free path for programs preparing to deal with reopening in the face of the coronavirus.  All I can ask is that a program take whatever steps are prudent and reasonable to mitigate the risk and plainly communicate that to the kids who will be exposed to it and their families.  Which is why I’m well pleased with Smart and Georgia this morning.

While I’m on my soapbox about this, one other AD deserves mention.

Every school in the country ought to make that same pledge to its student-athletes, and the NCAA should join in to provide that a decision to sit out the pandemic won’t affect eligibility.  That’s the real way you do it for the kids.  Kudos to you, Iowa.


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“I just chose to be known as the poop man.”

If you could use a chuckle this morning, have I got a story for you.


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Anything you can snark, he can snark better.



Just leave the bottle.

Screenshot_2020-05-29 Kevin Keneely on Twitter And just because I’m petty In just his first four years of being a head coac[...]


UPDATE:  TFW you’ve never heard of the First Rule of Holes…


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That’s some quarterback room you got there, Georgia.

Consider all this, just from one day:

Georgia redshirt freshman D’Wan Mathis has received clearance to take part in games after undergoing an MRI one year after his emergency brain surgery.

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed the positive results of the MRI on Thursday.



Argument for: Newman actually rang in at No. 3 in our top 10 college quarterback rankings for the 2020 season, which caused an uproar and inspired this article. There are a few reasons why we put him there. First and foremost, his situation at Wake Forest wasn’t necessarily great, and the scheme didn’t cater to his strengths. Wake’s offense was up-tempo and RPO-heavy, and it relied heavily on his athleticism in the run game — Newman had 128 designed carries. At 6-foot-4 and 230-pounds, Newman is athletic and can handle a designed rush, but his arm talent is far better and should be relied upon more than it was. Now that he has transferred to Georgia, we can expect Kirby Smart to utilize him in a better way.

Newman threw into a tight window at the highest rate in college football by over 5 percentage points in 2019. Yet he managed to produce the second-highest passing grade behind only Joe Burrow on those throws and also had the third-best uncatchable pass rate. Newman is also the highest-graded returning Power-5 quarterback on 20-plus yard throws.

Argument against: From Weeks 1 through 11 in 2019, Newman was the third-highest-graded passer behind only Burrow and Fields. In his last four games of the season against Clemson, Duke, Syracuse and Michigan State, Newman had his four lowest-graded games as a passer. This is a big reason why many don’t view Newman as a top-three quarterback in college football. It’s understandable why one would have doubts about Newman, but the drastic improvement in situation from his supporting cast to the offense Georgia runs is something we all have to keep in mind. Newman is finally going to be asked to win with his arm and will have more pure dropback situations, which should serve him well.

And to think just a year ago we were fretting about what would happen if Jake Fromm went down with an injury.

I almost hate to ask this, but does anyone think the position would be this thoroughly restocked today if Coley were still the OC/position coach?  I really am curious to learn how much of a role Todd Monken played in Daniels’ decision.

By the way

Here’s one thing we know for sure, when Georgia makes the three-hour trip up I-85 to take on Clemson at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on September 4, 2021, it won’t be forced into giving a quarterback his first career start.

When Kirby’s on the mother, he’s on the mother.


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Risk assessment, part two

One more bit of sage advice from Kirbs:

Smart said the team will be educated on what they need to do to protect themselves and wanted to convey something to Georgia fans who hope to be able to see games this season whether in Sanford Stadium — where limited attendance appears likely — or on TV.

“We also as fans, as Dawgnation have a responsibility to make good decisions, to social distance,” Smart said. “I think people, the more this thing has gone, the more they’ve begun to relax and say, well this won’t affect me. The last thing we need right now if people want to have a football season or any athletic season is to have another flare-up. The biggest thing we can do is to take care of that by making good decisions, being aware.”

When we get closer to nut-cutting time, it’s going to be interesting to see how the but muh freedom crowd takes to Smart’s direction.


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