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R.I.P., Pat Dye

And Georgia’s 2002 season wouldn’t have been the same without Coach Pat Dye.

Screenshot_2020-06-01 Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, The Auburn vs Georgia



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Just a routine bookkeeping entry

Those of you who keep insisting that the cost of tuition is “real” compensation to college athletes because schools say it is need to listen to what else schools say about the cost of tuition.

Akron athletic director Larry Williams was ordered to chop 23%, or $4.4 million, from his budget. Akron depends on student fees for 40% of its athletic budget and enrollment is expected to be down 20% this fall. The school dropped men’s cross country and golf and women’s tennis two weeks ago, and there will be other spending and staff reductions.

Williams noted the accounting system used by his and other universities often consider the athletic department a cost center and revenue is generally not considered.

“So we in athletics don’t get credit for any of those tuitions that are paid by the walk-ons. The university does,” Williams said.

The walk-ons are paying tuition, but…

“The tuition the athletic department pays to the university on behalf of the student-athlete is really an internal transfer and it doesn’t really matter,” Staben said. “The tuition the student pays matters.”

Ah, romance…


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Ramblin’, man

Did you know that, if you really try, you can babble incoherently for more than two minutes about why Dan Mullen is a better coach than Kirby Smart?

Good grief.


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“If (South) Korean baseball can do it, then we can, too.”

So, if you’re a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UCSF who’s also a college football fan and you think there’s a way to play this fall, how would you recommend programs go about doing that?

According to Rutherford, it takes three days for someone who has been exposed to the virus to start shedding it (i.e., become contagious).

So testing players 72 hours before kickoff (Wednesday afternoon or evening) would be ideal for Saturday games.

At the same time, an exposed individual could become contagious 36 hours after testing negative — so testing only on Wednesday wouldn’t be enough.

Players would need to be tested again Saturday morning, Rutherford said, to ensure that no viral shedding would occur on game day from players who tested negative in the middle of the week.

(The timing of the Saturday tests would depend on the turnaround time for results and the kickoff time.)

“From a physiological standpoint, you’d need to do it as close to the game as possible,’’ he said.

Test them Wednesday afternoon, test them again Saturday morning — and the windows for contagion should be slammed shut on game day.

Add a test on Monday morning to cover early-week interactions in meetings and practice, and full containment could be possible.

And the cost?

Let’s assume 150 tests for players, coaches and support staff, with each person tested three times per week over the 20 weeks of training camp and the regular season.

And let’s assume $50 per test (which could be high once capacity increases).

That’s $450,000 from August through November — or about 0.6 percent of the total annual revenue generated by a Power Five football program.

That doesn’t seem crazy to me.  I wonder how many programs will meet that standard, though.  (And of the ones that don’t, how many are on Georgia’s schedule.)


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What’s the third option?

Here’s a point/counterpoint for your morning:

Aside from Jim Harbaugh, Kirby Smart gets the most scrutiny from the media.

Farrell’s take: FACT. Between the infamous fake punt against Alabama in the 2018 SEC title game, losing to the Crimson Tide earlier that year in the national title game where many felt he was outcoached, his handling of Justin Fields and the regression of Jake Fromm, Smart has been the subject of near constant media criticism. He has been recruiting off the hook, but his coaching ability is routinely questioned and that puts him second to Jim Harbaugh on my list.

Gorney’s take: FICTION. Smart has actually gotten a pass from the media on some bad decisions – many of them mentioned above – including when Georgia inexplicably lost to South Carolina at home last season. It’s almost universally accepted that Smart is recruiting so well and he has such a good staff that a national championship at some point is inevitable. I don’t think he gets much scrutiny at all. It’s a different story for Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly, Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and USC’s Clay Helton, so I’d say those three trail Harbaugh in this category.

Not sure I buy either take, to be honest.  I don’t think Smart’s gotten a pass from the media, but I don’t see him being the subject of ongoing media criticism, either.

Just like most coaches, he’s made his mistakes.  But almost every media ranking of coaches I’ve seen has him at least in the top ten, and usually the top five, nationally.

What’s your feeling?


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Today, in bold predictions

Welp, I don’t consider this particularly bold, but anyway…

Florida unseats Georgia in the SEC East

Does Dan Mullen beat Georgia before Kirby Smart wins his first national title as the Bulldogs coach? Yes.

And I bet Mullen wins a national title before Smart, too.

Count me among the Mullen believers. He is the best quarterback developer in the SEC, and with Kyle Trask leading the offense for a second season I expect the Gators to make a big jump as a top-5 contender nationally. The defense will be a top-of-the-line unit once again after ranking seventh nationally last season (15.5 points per game).

When Halloween arrives in Jacksonville, the better quarterback will win the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Trask will be that quarterback. Not Jamie Newman, who was impressive at Wake Forest but was average against winning teams last season: 15 touchdowns, 10 interceptions on a 54.8 completion percentage.

Florida snaps Georgia’s three-game winning streak in the series and marches to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game as Mullen guides the Gators to double-digit wins for a third straight year for the first time since Steve Spurrier’s six-year streak ended in 1998.

And here I thought Gus Malzahn was the best preseason quarterback developer in the SEC.


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Don’t hurry back on our account.

Nice knee brace JT Daniels is sporting in this series of pictures from yesterday.


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Back to work 🐶

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I doubt anyone at Georgia knows exactly how far into his recovery Daniels is until he gets to Athens for Courson to take a look.  But there’s no need to rush the kid back on the field — at least I hope there isn’t — until he’s fully healthy, even if that means not until 2021.


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Hands on

George Pickens only had one catch in the Auburn game, but I bet Kirby didn’t care about that, because of this:

Auburn dude was on the ground so fast, he didn’t even see Swift until he was past him.


UPDATE:  One other thing about Pickens, he was the most penalized Bulldog with seven.


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How green were my tackles.

Looking at this roster breakdown, here’s how Kipp Adams sees the offensive tackle options:

Screenshot_2020-06-01 Scholarship Breakdown Projecting Georgia Bulldogs in 2020

Six of the seven there are freshmen, in one form or fashion.  The coaches almost have to move Salyer to one of the tackle spots, don’t they?


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