R.I.P., Pat Dye

And Georgia’s 2002 season wouldn’t have been the same without Coach Pat Dye.

Screenshot_2020-06-01 Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, The Auburn vs Georgia


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15 responses to “R.I.P., Pat Dye

  1. I wish for his family Peace. He was a worthy adversary. R.I.P

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  2. 86BONE

    I met Coach Dye with Coach Dooley many years back. I was good friends with his brother Nat as we both played golf at ACC. Never had the pleasure to meet Wayne, but the stories of all three brothers down on their family farm are larger than life! The brothers were all tough as a lighter knot and were all Damn Good Dogs!!


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    That man cheated with class. I’ll miss him.

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  4. Walter Geiger

    wayne dye was one hell of a bird dog trainer


  5. Russ

    RIP, coach. Damn good Dawg and a worthy adversary.


  6. Spike

    Rest in Peace, Coach.


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    He was a Dawg….. rode on a milk truck into Augusta to actually play football from Blythe, Ga. We are too separated to know the difference between colors to know the difference between good guys and what ever you wanna call the other side. Red or Blue, black or white we all need to remember why we are a Dawg, He helped kids out a lot in the day maybe not players were all like Bo but as a young coach that was trying to learn football in the early 80’s he was knowledgeable and easily accessible.
    Try to talk one on one with CKS. Not going to happen unless your donation and Butts Mehre hold a gathering. Once there was a caravan of cities all around Georgia and surrounding states where assistants and UGA head coaches toured and were in touch with the fans. They still are just depends on your donation.
    Coach Dye took his talents to East Carolina, Wyoming and the Barn and won. Sometimes he won against his alma mater. He was a DGD.


  8. Mark

    RIP coach. He was a hard nosed coach but seemed to love his players and they seemed to loved him back. He whipped our ass from ‘83-90 with the Hose game exception but in the end he still had a place in his heart for Georgia. On That old letterman’s round table with Honda Williamson he said our ‘83 team needed about ten more minutes and we’d have won the conference again. As a kid who died a slow Dawg death that game those words meant a lot to me.


  9. RangerRuss

    “It’s a unique thing. It’s like playing against your brother. I don’t think anybody who plays in that game can ever forget it. It just doesn’t matter much where it’s played or what somebody’s record is. It’s so intense and tough but at the same time it’s family”
    That’s what I’ll remember about Coach Dye. He was a Damn Good Dawg.
    RIP Coach.


  10. Swampdawg

    Good stuff! Good fella. Thanks coach. R.I.P.


  11. 123fakest

    This is why UGA/Auburn is my favorite rivalry. Families are so intertwined between the two schools. Dye, a Georgia letterman, becomes an Auburn legend as their coach. Dooley, an Auburn letterman, becomes a Georgia legend as their coach. It’s awesome I tell ya.


    • Milledge Hall

      Don’t forget Erk Russell came to UGA with Dooley from the East Alabama Reform School.
      RIP Coach Dye, DGD!!!