Ramblin’, man

Did you know that, if you really try, you can babble incoherently for more than two minutes about why Dan Mullen is a better coach than Kirby Smart?

Good grief.


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  1. Silver Britches

    I particularly enjoyed the “Mullen has won at both a lesser SEC job and a better SEC job” part.

    Either Mullen is doing less with more or he’s not. Unless he’s doing both. Huh?

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    • Dawg1

      And the only reason he’s been in new year’s six bowls is the other teams being in the playoffs or Sugar. They went by default.

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  2. Keep it coming, guys. Keep it coming. What is the opposite of rat poison? Spinach?

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  3. siskey

    Mullen gets a lot of credit for being mediocre at Mississippi State. His best year there they got blown out in two of their final three games. It is really interesting how he is suddenly Steve Spurrier because he wasn’t Sylvester Croom.
    I understand that Miss State is a really hard job but you can make the argument that now Arkansas, Vandy, and maybe Kentucky are harder jobs in the SEC. The last two avoid having to play Bama, LSU, and Auburn every year but have historically fared worse against the top of their division and have never reached the SEC Championship game.
    I guess we will see when Stoops takes over at Florida in 2023.:)


    • Texas Dawg

      IF they had declared Stoops the second best coach in the SEC I could see the logic in their argument (although I would disagree). Nobody had done more with less. But Mullen?? What a joke.


  4. TimberRidgeDawg

    The man has become his own meme. God help us all if he ever actually wins a game that means something.


  5. jean maxwell

    When you lose to a coach in several games, 3 in a row to CKS how can you be a better coach? Mullet could not carry CKS jock strap. he may wear it as a Covid 19 mask. Then he would be the mask Mullet.

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  6. cpark58

    Athlon: Where the rankings are made up and the wins don’t matter.


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    • siskey

      I understand that they have to sell magazines but it seems like every year that Kirby does not win it all somehow makes Mullen a better coach.


      • FlyingPeakDawg

        This is it exactly. Kirby’s failures raise the boats for the other SECe coaches in their tortured analysis.

        “I’d take MuLLLen’s record at Missy St. over what Kirby is doing now at Georgia.” You do that.


        • Milledge Hall

          “I’d take muLLLen’s record at Missy St….”
          The ditch lizards sure as hell did!!


  7. Debby Balcer

    This type of argument is why Kirby will circle the game and Florida will feel the team’s wrath. He is a DGD and he cares more about winning that game than any other regular season game.


  8. Didntgotheredawg



  9. Mayor

    Athlon writers don’t look at the schedules of the teams and figure out which teams are going to win which games before making predictions. They just say: “This team is going to be 11-1” and “this team is going to be 11-1” and “this other team is going to be 10-2,” etc. seemingly without understanding that these teams play each other and because of that they all can’t win that many games. They have had this problem for years and the Athlon staff has been a bunch of Florida homers for years, too. Add the Athlon staff to this sentiment: FTMF!!


  10. RangerRuss

    Yep. And that argument is full of shit also.


  11. stoopnagle

    Feed the Gator Hype Machine.


  12. 123fakest

    This is exactly why the general public does not trust the Media at all.
    How many of us would have stopped to read this article if CKS was listed second, as he should be behind Saban? None, right?

    The media only exists to sell advertising. Bad news and hot takes make you stop and watch, not the truth or good news.

    Case in point, Covid 19 and the riots. The media is loving this $hit.