Now I’m a believer.

Montana has had a change of heart, friends ($$).

Stew: The year is 2030. You are doing a recap of the most recent decade of college football. Who are a few teams that you think we could be talking about the same way we talk about Clemson and Alabama today? I don’t think anyone would have guessed, heading into the 2010 season, the absurd level of dominance those two programs would have had. Who should we be mentally preparing for this decade? — Scott F.

… With the caveat that I think Alabama’s run may never be replicated, I do think Kirby Smart is going to eventually win at least one national title at Georgia. His tenure to this point reminds me so very much of Mack Brown’s early days at Texas, when he had the ’Horns winning 11 games a year but couldn’t take the last step. Then he got Vince Young and won one, in his eighth season, and played for another with Colt McCoy. Smart, entering his fifth season in Athens, has all the other pieces, he just needs his Vince or Colt. And given he’s just 44, there’s no reason Kirby can’t have the Dawgs contending for the entirety of the next decade, much like Alabama in the 2010s.

Shockingly, Mandel fails to mention the prospects of the Portal Master™ doing the same.  Inconceivable!



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  1. Most of the college football punditry that is outside of Hogtown/Armpit/Trailer Park, Florida know Kirby is going to stack blue chippers up and that greatly increases your chances of winning the whole enchilada. When he gets the right combination with the right breaks (cough, cough … not getting screwed by the officials … cough, cough), we will be hoisting the championship trophy.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I have a hard time complaining about officials here lately. Yes, they were wrong: we were not offside. But I don’t get the feeling that the officiating these days is vindictive; it’s just human. On the other hand, to amuse myself these past months I have watched some early 2000 games where Penn Wagers was calling games.
      Oh, and speaking of sanctimonious pricks, I saw a campaign sign where Jimmy Williamson is running for Sheriff in Oconee County.


  2. Texas Dawg

    I’m sure most Florida fans feel that the Portal Master did not need mentioning since it is well known that he is the greatest ever. They feel that it is a given that he and Florida will will every NC and totally dominate the next decade. Just like the sun rising the East, no speculation is needed as to the certainty of these events.


  3. 81Dog

    “Handbag Football: DOING MORE WITH LESS!!!!”

    unfortunately for Handbag Nation, they dont understand that no matter how good Danny is, he can’t do more winning with fewer points than the other team. Grantham is just good enough to get him beat in the clutch.


    • And i’m willing to bet, there in lies FU’s chances of success/no success, having 3rd and grantham as the dc will always have short comings at the wrong time versus UGA and other really good universities….against equal/unmotivated or lesser universities 3rd and grantham will appear to be FU’s greatest ever….#FTMF


  4. MGW

    I mean, Florida under Mullen can be a team kinda like Auburn’s last title where it falls ass backwards into having a generational player on each side of the ball, to go with a whole lot of luck. They could win A title that way. But you have to have loads more talent, consistently, to establish any sort of dynasty. They will definitely not do that under Mullen.

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  5. Just looked up Mack Brown. He won the MNC at Texas in 2005 at age 53, and after 20 years of head coaching. His first division championship was in 1999, his 2nd year at Texas. Didn’t win the Big 12 until the MNC year.

    I have faith that Kirby will win the big one sooner rather than later. And I hope for a few more before he turns 53.


    • stoopnagle

      God, Texas is so overrated. All those resources in a talent soaked state and they just get slapped around by Oklahoma every 3 of 4 games.


  6. Rival

    I hate Florida.

    That said, I’m starting to get a “Cannon Shot” ricochet vibe from all these posts. Don’t wanna be a downer but as a lifelong Dawg I am well-versed in tempting fate…

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  7. S

    In the very next paragraph, he mentioned Tech and North Carolina as having rabid fan bases. So… I’m not paying him any attention.


  8. I think what has already helped Kirby a lot of what could help him get Georgia there, is his use of the transfer system. He’s done a great job of getting high impact guys and looks to be the closest to making the signing of 5 star high school QBs less important than it was.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    We need that Heisman type player, most likely at the QB position. And then an OC to match. I don’t know if either are on the roster yet.


  10. TimberRidgeDawg

    The Portal Master has potential to be a Marvel Comics Super Hero. Better Trademark it.


  11. Mullen “we’re going to go undefeated this year”

    The gator boards getting frothy at the mouth


  12. Dawg

    Over 2 years everyone has been complaining about the offside call. There were at least 6 other calls the officials didn’t call. BUT no one realized the officials were from the Big Ten where Saban coached for a number of years before coming South.