‘This really doesn’t make sense to me.’

Shorter North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham:  The NCAA has spent millions futilely fighting college athletes’ antitrust litigation, so the smart move now is to spend even more money suing states over NIL legislation.


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2 responses to “‘This really doesn’t make sense to me.’

  1. BuffaloSpringfield

    Might I ask: If the power 5 break away from all NCAA regulations and form their own “bin to stash cash” with a elected head such as Cunningham or one of the Big10 dictators would they not find themselves bound by the same Congressional laws and state laws that seem to be forthcoming within the next year.
    Also in closing I see this as a end the the CBS TV deal and a power struggle to see who can land the largest advertising gig/college football basketball contract. Instead of dividends spread somewhere between 90-120 NCAA institutions that would be cut down to say 60 teams and some change.
    Another point if this break would occur would it be a possibility for you to see local corporations pick up more local games of the week like Raycom did back in the day with ACC sports ?
    There are just thoughts and wish for guidance in the analysis of breaking down this quandary.


    • junkyardawg41

      If you break away from all NCAA regulations (I assume you mean to break away from the NCAA), I don’t think you could make an argument that players don’t even need to be students at all.