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The Georgia Way abides.


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Today, in WTF

Never saw this one coming…

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And before you can say that’s got to be faked…

No idea where this is going, but Kirby’s got to be thanking his lucky stars it didn’t surface six months ago.



I guess that ends the Justin Fields snark.


UPDATE #2:  Ugh.

“Naw my boy,” Georgia defensive back Divaad Wilson tweeted in response to Fromm’s apology. “You should’ve just kept your thoughts to yourself.”

“This is showing everybody’s TRUE side,” former Georgia wide receiver Terry Godwin tweeted. “Even from a guy like Drew Brees and Georgia very own Jake Fromm. I’ve lost all respect for both of these people. #blm.”

I wonder if Kirby will have anything to say about this.



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Welcome back, fans!

College athletic directors sure have missed you and your wallets.  First thing first before rushing back, though…

Only in college football do we have the privilege of shelling out thousands of bucks and assuming a pandemic risk.  And to think some folks claim we’re getting a diminishing bang for our hard earned bucks.

I wonder if LSU is going to make fans sign a consent waiver in order to attend games.  Wouldn’t surprise me.



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Not the waiver you were expecting

This comes out of the blue.

So many questions here: how did he even think to ask for a waiver?  what were the grounds?  why did the NCAA grant it?  is this the start of a larger trend?

To be clear, Turk was all in.

Turk, the nephew of former NFL punter Matt Turk, was permitted to return even though he entered the draft and hired agents. Turk went undrafted and unsigned in the aftermath of the draft.  [Emphasis added.]

I think it’s a good move for college football and the player, don’t get me wrong, but what gives here, NCAA?


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Cry havoc

Not bad, Dawgs.


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He didn’t come here to paint.

I didn’t think a post about racism could make me laugh out loud.

I was wrong.


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“Sadly, in our college game, ‘voluntary’ has always been a very loose term.”

Coaches pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed?  Why, Lincoln Riley, how dare you make such a dastardly suggestion!


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Run the dang offense, Monken.

This comes from Brooks Austin at SI Maven, so take it for what it’s worth:

There’s been growing speculation that Georgia is moving into the air raid system, similar to what Monken ran at Oklahoma State and Southern Miss. However, the sources we’ve spoken to at Dawgs Daily have stated that it’s NFL film from his days in Cleveland and Tampa Bay that they were showing over Zoom meetings with players. So, what did he run in Cleveland and Tampa?

Well, at Southern Miss and Oklahoma State, Monken’s offense would occasionally go empty (shotgun with no running back in the backfield). However, in 2019, Cleveland didn’t take a single snap in empty according to Shapfootballstats.com. In 2018 in Tampa, they ran 11 plays (1%) in empty. So, the five wide, Big 12 air raid probably isn’t what you’re going to be seeing this fall from Georgia.

What you will be seeing is what is known as the pro spread offense. An offense that combines tight ends, running backs and three wide receivers to throw the football. Their base personnel package will be 11 personnel, in other words, one back, one tight end, and three wide receivers.

That’s not to say they won’t motion to an empty formation to lighten the box, especially with a running quarterback like Jamie Newman — assuming he’s the starter — but it’s still going to look more like a pro passing attack than some Texas Tech offense that’s chunking it around 55 times per game.

(His “sources at Dawgs Daily” appear to be other Maven writers, which is why I added the FWIW note above.)

This isn’t exactly earth shattering news.  “Growing speculation” aside, I don’t think any Georgia fan who has even a casual sense of Kirby Smart’s coaching philosophy expects Mike Leach reincarnate in Athens this season.  And I hate to break it to y’all, but James Coley ran a lot of 11 personnel packages when he was at the helm, too.

One other thing:  Monken didn’t call plays in Cleveland last season, so whatever empty set plays were run there are meaningless in terms of figuring out what we’ll see in Athens this year.  If you’re looking to divine something from the tea leaves of his prior stops, I’ve posted a few things here and here.

I’m not expecting Todd Monken to reinvent the wheel at Georgia.  What I am looking for is an offensive mind who thinks like this and knows how to make it work on the field:

“He’s seen it work at both the collegiate and pro level so he knows the spacing he’s looking for, he knows the timing he’s looking for and he knows how to drill it. He knows how to get the reps because, especially in college, you only have a limited amount of time you’re with those guys, a limited amount of time in the meeting room, a little amount of time on the field. He knows how to get the most out of his time.”

He’s got plenty of talent to work with.  Just train ’em to do things right, give ’em the sets and concepts to make it go and turn ’em loose.  I’m good with that.


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If nothing else, they eat well.

I recognize that Dan Wolken is one of the more polarizing practitioners of the journalistic arts these days and that he rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but, still, if this is the best rebuttal a Clemson fan can come up with in response to Wolken’s criticism of Dabo Swinney’s stance on player compensation (criticism he’s far from alone in making, for what it’s worth)…

They are paid with dining opportunities not afforded to the normal student. They are paid with an education that leaves nearly every other student on campus with an amount of debt that many will never be able to repay. They also are afforded opportunities to travel, the P.A.W. Journey, clothing, shoes, bowl gifts, rings and a platform on which they can showcase their talents for the scouts and GM’s — along with many other things that a normal student would love to have.

Sii the richest contract in college football history, let’s not forget that he began 10 years ago with one of the smallest — a mere $900,000 to take over a storied program.

So instead of punishing Swinney for rising above the ashes of his childhood, can we not celebrate a free-market system that should show every player, man, woman and child what you can do with a little hard-work and faith.

… a simple “you suck, Wolken!” might work better as a retort.  I mean, the idea that “dining opportunities not afforded to the normal student” and poor ol’ Dabo’s “mere $900,000” can be discussed in the same breath because college football compensates everyone is almost as funny as pretending that Dabo and his players are working in the same free market system.

Basically, the author makes Wolken’s case for him.  Well played.


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Getting clucked

Hey, wait… there’s no reason to prosecute these guys because nobody’s making us buy chicken!

Did I do that right, amateurism romantics?



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