Getting clucked

Hey, wait… there’s no reason to prosecute these guys because nobody’s making us buy chicken!

Did I do that right, amateurism romantics?



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14 responses to “Getting clucked

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Could you explain that a little? I’m feeling dense this morning. (yeah yeah yeah, nothing new)


  2. TN Dawg

    NLI income should really be distributed evenly among the players.

    It would be unfair to be playing for free at offensive guard while the running back you are opening holes for gets $1 million.


  3. 4th & Kirby

    Lets say we are full on “pay for play”. Hypothetically, if that happens, then players should be required to meet the academic criteria to get into whichever college they attend. I’ve been reading this page for years. You might should change the name to “Get the Financial Picture”.


    • From my view, “Get the financial picture” engages the topic of monies changing hands once or many times, to some degree, “the bagman” enters the conversation which brings the prettiest little shit hole on the plains to light…so having said that, i prefer not to speak of those whose family tree goes straight up, cause they’re sheep huggin’, cousin dating, ass wipes that steppin’ in cow shit is their idea of a good lunch break… please, can we keep GTP as is….thank you


  4. Debby Balcer

    You realize there is no set academic criteria. Different students have different test scores and grades to get in now.