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I’m sure he meant well.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on lately?  Yesterday it was the flap about Clemson keeping a lid on a story about a coach using a racial epithet in practice and now comes word about some tension at Florida State.

It appears to have started with a comment Mike Norvell, the head coach, gave to a beat writer from The Athletic.

Screenshot_2020-06-04 Tashan Reed on Twitter #FSU head coach Mike Norvell ( Coach_Norvell) had individual conversations wit[...]

On the surface, fairly anodyne stuff you wouldn’t be surprised to hear said by a typical head coach in the past few days.  Apparently, though, it didn’t go over well with one of FSU’s best players.


I have no idea where this is going, but Norvell’s got some fixin’ to do, to say the least.  Two incidents in a couple of days doth not a trend make, of course, but were I a head coach, it might behoove me to stick a finger in the air to see which way the wind blows before opening my mouth.


Norvell’s not a dumb guy.  He’s just used to being able to speak loosely about his player relations without being called on it.  Like a lot of his peers.


UPDATE:  Sounds like they’ve kissed and made up.


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“… there’s a big difference between confidence and cockiness.”

Just ask the Portal Master™.

“I expect us to go undefeated this year,” Mullen told McAfee. “I’m not guaranteeing it, because I’ll be honest with you, I have two national championship rings here at Florida and we didn’t go undefeated in either of those two seasons. We still won a national championship.”

That bold statement isn’t exactly new for Mullen. He’s always been a supremely confident coach, and his teams have typically reflected that attitude.

And that’s part of the reason Mullen doesn’t back down from questions like the one McAfee posed, wondering whether Mullen believed his team could go undefeated this fall. He wants to engender a sense of confidence in his team.

“When I look at our schedule every year, I assume we are,” Mullen said.

He’s got a point about the schedule.

Screenshot_2020-06-04 SEC strength of schedule rankings 2020 Florida gets light slate, while Tennessee faces top contenders

As far as the rest goes, though…

“Your expectations are very different maybe than being cocky,” Mullen said. “I certainly don’t want a quarterback that doesn’t think he’s an elite quarterback. I don’t want a quarterback that doesn’t expect he’s going to win the game. Those are the guys you want on your team.

We shall see.  Right now, I detect a faint whiff of a man writing checks with his mouth that his ass can’t cash.


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