Go sit in the corner

I hate to waste my time and everyone else’s on housekeeping issues, but after yesterday’s wankfest in the comment thread about Jake Fromm’s faux pas, I feel like I’ve got no choice.  The constant back and forth with the personal insults that drives some of you has gotten extremely tiresome.

So, going forward, here’s what’s going to happen.  I’m not going to ban anyone for them, but if you can’t debate somebody without getting personal, your comments — all your comments — will get shunted into a holding place for me to review.  The ones that aren’t insulting will be posted; the rest will be trashed.  This won’t be a high priority for me, so don’t expect me to drop what I’m doing so that the world won’t miss your keen insight about Georgia’s offensive line for a moment longer than necessary.

Once it looks like you’ve regained control of your better judgment, I’ll let you back into the regular flow.  Look at it as a sort of virtual timeout.

That’s it.  That’s the warning.


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34 responses to “Go sit in the corner

  1. Timphe

    Thank you. One of the things I have really enjoyed about this site, besides your excellent work Senator, is the opportunity to read the responses of people who love UGA football as much as I. However, the vitriol and personal attacks have become tiresome and I am glad you are putting some limits on them. A little civility is in order.

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Thank you, Senator, for reading the room and taking control. Negative vibes are not welcomed here by me. Take that shit somewhere else. The last place I want infected with negativity is this blog. This has been my escape for years! Let’s keep it at that. A nice escape. We all need it more than ever.


  3. mddawg

    Thanks Senator. I actually enjoy the weekly Playpen at times, and I appreciate your attempts to keep it civil, along with all of the other blog posts. I like seeing differing perspectives on various issues (when presented respectfully), and it seems more real to me than scrolling through some random twitter thread.


  4. Pedro

    Wow. Sounds like I missed a good virtual wankfest. Makes me wonder what gets you thrown in the corner at a real one.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m afraid you’re gonna find that you have to censor all politics no matter how polite because there’s always gonna be one or two who ruin everything, and because politics tends to subsume and defile everything.
    I speak as one who tries, imperfectly, to avoid the political posts and comments on the site.


  6. Bluto, go drive your toy faster on surfaces with alot of curves…you’ll feel a whole lot better about life in general…or consume adult beverages in large quantities…


  7. Gaskilldawg

    I purposely didn’t look at the comments on the topic. Apparently it was a good decision.
    I don’t read Playpen comments, either.

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  8. Ran A

    My observation has always been that when someone goes personal, they are usually losing the argument. Good for you.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      My thoughts exactly. The folks who think name calling is winning an argument baffle me. Sometimes they confuse the situation enough to cloud people’s thinking but it only lasts until the fog dissipates.

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  9. SpellDawg

    But he said it first!


  10. Geezus

    Nice! So, basically there will be three people sitting on the edge of the pool. I had to go and read through the post to see what was up, sometimes I’m really glad I have a job that keeps me from internet-arguing all day.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Wow, just looked 179 comments….almost afraid to dig deeper.


    • Pedro

      Guns and race – two topics that tend to elicit rational conversations from everyone. Weave in sex, religion, and abortion to next one and you have the perfect playpen.


  12. Sanford222view

    Thanks, Senator. I appreciate this. There are a handful of posters here I avoid reading their comments and typically keep me out of the Playpen each week unless it is a topic about music, foods, etc. where people are sharing favorites lists.

    I am surprised the handful of culprits have managed to tip toe the line of going the way of “Thomas Brown” for so long actually.


  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    Just hire an intern to do the screening, give them a small stipend, offer free education about Title Closings, and have them sign a unilateral contract not to profit from anything they contribute while employed. I’m sure you can find a business model for that somewhere as a nonprofit venture.

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    That’s how we roll at GTP


  15. Debby Balcer

    Thank you. Some people just think they need the last word. The mom in me wanted to slap some people silly and send them to their rooms on that thread.


  16. Damn. Looks like I missed out on all of the fun yesterday…..


    • Cojones

      Guess I missed it also. Words don’t hurt here, but it tends to depress and that’s something many of us old farts don’t need any more.

      Smoke’em if you got’em.


  17. Argondawg

    Thank you Senator. The house keeping you have donee ith the playpen and now getting rid of the personal attacks will make this place the type of place that most Dawgs can enjoy. Keep up the good work and thank you for providing a place where reasonably civilized debate on the Dawgs can occur.


  18. Gurkha Dawg

    So swift and meaningful punishment is an effective way to deal with bad behavior. You need to be put in charge of several big cities.


  19. OdontoDawg

    Folks who must have the last word in any argument, even the most petty, are the weakest and saddest representatives of humanity. Also, borderline personality disorder does not comport well with access to social media.


  20. BuffaloSpringfield

    Thank you Senator. This was a wise decision more so than Jakes. I am somewhat amazed at the between the lines inferring so many thoughts from a couple of lines on Twitter. Then even their thoughts became personal vendettas from a assumption of a rather a trap bait Tweet held hostage for over a year to unleash at the harshes of our present times.
    You can read Jakes Tweet anyway you wish. Some did the vile and venom. Since when do we have to judge from our beginning how we end up as a simple part of the human race.
    My take and I have always liked Jake since he shunned the Bammers. Not sure how he went from superstar freshman to this hated kid from Houston County but my take is Jake is a hunter fisherman ( good thing to some bad for others ) Just being a sportsman can turn off 50% against you.
    My thoughts on the stupid Jake Tweet was and I don’t know why a sportsman needs a suppressor, a muzzle break yes ( limits recoil ) but for whatever reason your taking to a girl and discussing suppressors your either talking to a hunting partner or your drunk. Secondly mention elite whites can only afford them, might I also state that elite blacks could also afford one. His point was they are expensive.
    In ending in 1966 I was so poor we didn’t know how poor we were. I walked into the 9th grade gym and not to my surprise sat a kid on a bench all alone. I went over and started to talk to him. Exchanged names and began a friendship that’s lasted 54 years. We played sports together and both our moms ( single moms I might add ) worked in the same department. After high school we kind of lost track we went to different colleges. I played college ball ( was one of two whites on the team ) Fred went in the military and this week during all this trajectory of tension I carried my 89 year old mom over to see Fred’s mom. That was about the 1,001 time I had been in their house. Most of the time it was a peanut butter and jelly after practice waiting on our moms to get off work.
    I was getting Mom up to leave and the phone rang. It was Fred he is retired now like me but living on the Left Coast. Retired Military 3 star General through Vietnam as a grunt, and was always smart. We talked a bit about the violence, George Lloyd and times gone by. See I don’t think I ever saw a color in that kid on the gym bench and after 54 years I don’t think he saw a color in me. We need to do better. Don’t confuse that making a living is more important that making a life.

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  21. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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