New man on the job

FootballScoop’s been running a series on the twenty most important assistant coaching hires for the 2020 season.  Number ten is somebody we’re familiar with.

Who: Scott Cochran, Georgia

Title: Special teams coordinator

Previous stop: Alabama director of strength and conditioning (2008-19)

Why he’s important: Well, here we go. This is really happening.

The most popular strength coach in the game — arguably, the most popular in college football history, and the archetype of what a Hollywood screen writer would imagine in their head — has pulled off a mid-stream career change. After 20 years prepare their bodies to perform once toe meets leather, Cochran is now responsible for that toe.

He’s ranked one spot ahead of his replacements at Alabama, for what that’s worth.

I’m curious to see how high on the list Todd Monken’s name appears.


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4 responses to “New man on the job

  1. Macallanlover

    I would say Top 3 given UGA’s position in CFB theses days, and how Monken will directly relate to whether the Dawgs make the Final Four, or not. With our returning defense, a favorable Monken impact will certainly put UGA in the SECCG with a reasonable chance to get a spot. Hard to see how many new assistants could be more significant than that, probably none.

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    • I’ll rail this all year till december….Coach Cochran has the biggest job on the UGA staff… Kirb’s needs to play field position, when the UGA “O” can’t get into the endzone from the 5 yard line, special teams play gets you points or plays…just because Coach Cochran was this or that with the bammers really carries nada at UGA…given the athletic roster/crootin’ to choose from plus his experience/exposure UGA should have elite level special teams play this season 2020 (?)


      • siskey

        I hope that Special Teams will be fine. The complaint on here (and in real life) during the end of Richt’s tenure was the walk-ons playing too much on special teams due to depth (see LSU 2011), with the number of tremendous recruits Kirby has signed there should be no lack of speed or “want to” on special teams. I worry about kicker because HotRod was so dependable and had so much experience and there is always a game or two where the kicker has to make a kick but if nothing else Cochran should be able to motivate the hell out of our guys and get em lined up correctly.


      • ST is a team coaching position. But organization and management of the flow is big on him, and he was already doing it anyway.