All aboard

In case you were wondering, the entire 2020 signing class is in Athens, along with Jamie Newman.


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  2. Russ

    In the words of Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on!”


  3. This beats the days of “Name Your Blue Chip” declared academically unqualified.

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  4. Silver Creek Dawg

    Is JT Daniels in town also?


  5. Down Island Way

    That was some border line Dawg porn……(read slower the second time, it lasts longer)



    Finally something normal,


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    With all the Dawg Porn and the craziness that abounds us today. Not one article have I read about this day in history. June 6th. We have progressed to regress our freedom for the sake of advancing. May all the lives of all the young men English, Canadian, Australian, British and Native Americans, the Afro-Americans, the Italian Americans, the Irish Americans that on this day gave their lives to protect the sovereignty of this land that we seem to take now for granted. May they be forever remembered in what ever capacity they served as a black cook manning a machine on a ship in the attack on Pearl Harbor to the Native Navajo Americans who’s code our enemies could not break Rest In Peace.
    I fear at times they gave all for a vain society that if today were called to do the duty they served would drop our flag and choose not to be called the Land of the Brave for simple fear of being associated with a group that chooses political correctness.
    I fear we shall fall from within. Bless this day in history and bless all the nationalities, colors and languages of these young men.
    If you have heard of one, just one article or ceremony that recalled these young men’s valor. Please make a note here so I can find it.
    Thank You