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“I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting, or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true,” Mullen said.

The class of 2021 is one of the most unique in the history of recruiting. Prospects are committing at record rates, with almost 1,000 committed players as of the time of this writing compared to just 400 at this time last year.

Prospects are scrambling to secure spots in classes, even if they have never visited those campuses. Our analysts know of several prospects who have tried to commit to multiple schools only to be turned away before finally finding a home.

Some coaching staffs, particularly new staffs, are reluctant to take prospects site unseen because of the potential need to squeeze them out of a class could damage relationships in their states with power players and high school coaches. Many of those relationships have not yet been formed in-person due to the shutdown.

But many schools are willing to take them, even if it means having to drop them from their class later in the year. Schools are going ahead and taking prospects to whom they had issued, pre-shutdown, a “camp offer” (an offer that isn’t actually committable until the prospect shows up at a school’s summer camp and shows that he is as big or as athletic as advertised and works well with the school’s staff). They will, of course, attempt to keep the recruits committed who they later confirm are good enough to play for them.

And as schools take more commitments, it creates panic in the mind of uncommitted recruits, who then call up schools trying to commit and secure a spot.

This all sets up for a potentially amazing season of decommitments.

And in keeping with that idea, I am tracking the race for the top decommitment class in the country. Players who recommit to a class will not be counted. There’s no algorithm here. The formula is simple: Total stars. Updates will come monthly.

I think you know where this is going.

No. 2 Florida Gators: 20 stars

The Florida Gators are nipping at the heels of the Miami Hurricanes. Five-star linebacker Terrence Lewis was once a UF commit, as were three other four-star prospects. They include defensive end Bryce Langston, safety Dink Jackson, and safety Kamar Wilcoxson. Most of these decommitments happened in calendar year 2019, which does beg the question of Florida’s staying power near the top. However, Florida’s elite start will likely keep the Gators in the top ten all season. Receiver Trevonte Rucker was once a decommit but has since recommitted.


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8 responses to “TFW a post writes itself

  1. Dawg1

    I haven’t seen the full article at the link, “site unseen” as it were, but anytime a young man comes to their senses and can flee Gainesville, I am proud of him!


  2. spur21

    This is what closing the gap actually looks like. Whatever Mullen is doing on that front I want him to continue.


  3. Justing Fields comes to mind but not because I think he was lied to. He just never should have signed with a school where he’d have to compete and and one he got talked into signing with. He’s the one and done tip of the iceberg.


  4. Cojones

    I may be chortling my last time on earth, but it’s a good one when we weren’t even in this race.

    FU, indeed.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    As much talent as there is in Florida, it makes sense that they would be leading (is leading the right word here?) this race, but I suspect that when the dust clears UT will have closed the gap some. As long as UF and UT are in the top 2 or 3, I am fine with that.

    It wasn’t so long ago that UGA would have been in that hunt. That says a lot about recruiting and CKS: he isn’t just making offers in a shotgun approach hoping to get a hit here and there. These days UGA is recruiting at a high level and keeping its commitments except in rare cases, and even then CKS has a backup plan that works out.


  6. practicaldawg

    You can also argue that the recruiting ranking is a flawed metric because so many of Mullen’s commits never enroll. The class of the 2019 is a great example. Under Mullen, they decommit early and often. I read this week that every player in Kirby’s 2020 class is on campus right now. What about Mullen?