Nick Chubb, ladies and gentlemen

This is a fun watch.


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18 responses to “Nick Chubb, ladies and gentlemen

  1. spur21

    Damn – gonna miss him.


  2. DugLite

    That first play against Clemson where Chubb losses a shoe…..awesome.


  3. Salty Dawg

    I feel so much better now! Thanks, Senator! That is balm that soothes my soul! Thank you for the memories, Nick! DGD

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  4. mddawg

    I’ll be in my bunk.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Couldn’t run over ’em like Ole No. 34, but he could break a tackle.


  6. ugafidelis

    Gotdamn you 2nd and 26!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Ken Wilkinson

    I watched that Clemson game with some Clemson fans. I loved introducing them to Nick in the 4th quarter. “Ya know, he won state titles in the 100-yd dash and shot put in high school last year.” Facts are malleable in the 4th qtr.


  8. bwaredogs



  9. Raleighwood Dawg

    👍 💯 #HBTD


  10. Russ

    I loved watching that guy run. Just a damned GREAT Dawg and a good man.


    • Classic City Canine

      That 2014 Clemson game is my second favorite Georgia game of my fandom (starting in 2002). They didn’t show my favorite Chubb play where the 2 Clemson defenders wrap him up and bounce off him. So many of those best runs were from his freshman year. I don’t think he ever got 100% of his knee (especially the agility) back from Kneeland.


  11. Tony Barnhart

    We’ve never been the embodiment of RBU more than the 2014 Clemson game. The general public didn’t even know who Nick Chubb was when he made that run against Clemson.