Playing amateurism’s greatest hits

I think he touches on every NCAA talking point in three paragraphs.

You had to know if there’s one thing that could bring Duke and North Carolina together, it would be money.


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  1. I’ll take hard to read and bad font for $100 Alex. 🤑


  2. Huntindawg

    It’s a recurrent theme here that the NCAA and all its members are all about and only about the money.

    This guy has apparently been doing it for 45 years. Is it possible that he truly believes in amateur college athletics, and that he sincerely believes that the NIL concept will destroy the last vestiges of that concept, as out of fashion and naive as it might be?

    I just have a hard time believing that every administrator involved in college athletics is allowing lucre to drive every decision. There must be a solid cast of good guys in administrative roles that aren’t solely focused on dollars.

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    • TNDAWG

      I agree with your assessment Huntindawg. Well said.
      Seems to me that if you are not for NIL, then it is about money. If you are pro NIL, then you are for the student athlete.


    • It’s impossible to answer a question like this, because almost anything is within the realm of possibility, but consider this: with all the ways the money chase has compromised college football over the past decade plus — conference expansion and broadcast partners creating havoc with scheduling, the strains geographic reach put on kids who play games during the week, playoff expansion and the toll extra games take on a kid’s body — have you heard a single AD ever object to any of that, or propose that college football turn down money because the players are negatively impacted by what the money buys?


  3. Lrgk9

    Those not in China that do not own the rights to their NIL:

    Minors under 18
    Muslim wives under Sharia (women are chattels owned by their husbands)
    NCAA administered college athletes


  4. Sam Johnson

    I do not doubt White’s sincerity. I’m sure he sincerely worries less money to Duke’s athletic department might jeopardize his $1.45 million salary.

    As someone with a Duke degree, I find this tweet embarrassing.