Pssst. Lemme tell ‘ya about Georgia.

Athlon is out with its preseason mag, which means it’s time, once again, for anonymous coaching quotes!  (As an aside, here’s my yearly reminder that this stuff hasn’t been nearly as good as it was when Tommy Tuberville was ragging on his peers.  If he gets elected to Congress as the next Senator from the Great State of Alabama, I’m looking forward to his press leaks about those schmucks.  But I digress.)

Anyway, here’s what opposing coaches had to say about Georgia:

“Everything is focused on their offense. D’Andre Swift is gone and so is most of that OL, but the whole key is going to be the quarterback play. Jamie Newman is completely different than what they’ve done in the past, so expect a quarterback run game and RPOs, not as much dropback. Maybe none? How can they adapt that offense to fit his skill set? Will they bend with that? With (offensive coordinator) Todd Monken, they will be different, but how much so depends on what the kid can handle.

“I think defensively they’ll be as good as they always are. They’re great at never making you comfortable. For as athletic as they are, they’re still smart, too, meaning they’re going to throw different coverages at you, maybe more than necessary. You get nothing for free against Kirby Smart.

“The nose tackle (Jordan Davis) is dominant, they’re disciplined and the front and linebackers have looked a little bit more like those Bama-era Kirby defenses every year since he’s been there. Longer and faster, longer and faster. They can drop into coverage, they can play big-boy stuff on the run.

“They have to be that level this year. The pressure is real to win in Atlanta, so you have to lead with defense.

“They certainly went through an identity crisis, and that’s what they have to settle in camp. You could kind of understand their offensive methodology – with those backs they produce, it made sense to stay on the ground, to run pro. The problem wasn’t the talent, it was the predictability.

“Recruiting-wise, it’s them, it’s Alabama, and it’s everyone else. If they fix the offense, they’re national title contenders.”

Other than the “expect a quarterback run game and RPOs, not as much dropback” bit, there’s not really much to argue with there.  Especially the “The problem wasn’t the talent, it was the predictability” part.  That’s about as nice a way to criticize James Coley without mentioning his name as an anonymous source can.


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  1. Smoky Joe Would

    That quote about the predictability was from Kirby.

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  2. Tatum

    So an opposing head coach laid it at Coley’s feet? Some commenters here will be offended.


    • Greg

      None here, but it all starts at the top. The play calling starts at the top, at some point, it is allowed. My guess is, that is on Kirby….hope all of that changes.


  3. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have when you become predictable on either side of the ball. Coaches can exploit predictability when they have inferior talent.


  4. Uglydawg

    With the great defense Georgia can win games without having to score forty points.
    Rodrigo was money and was the cushion between having to score 7 at every opportunity or being comfortable playing it safe and settling for 3. The defense, if it’s as good as advertised, should keep that formula in play IF there is a rock solid, ice water in his veins, consistent replacement at PK.
    If so, coupled with the upgrading (it IS an upgrade) to Monken; having a duel threat QB with the deep threat to Pickens (who looks to be a future All-American) and the hopeful emergence of some young talent at WR…and a fully recovered and very determined and focused Zeus .. The Dawgs may very well be the best team in the land.
    1. Better offense than last year. (should be doable).
    2. Defense as good as advertised.
    3. Solid place kicker.
    4. Z.W. continues in his emergence as a defense pounding beast (huge key)
    with Monken finding a way to use Cook’s speed.
    5. Pickens doesn’t hit a slump and has matured. Other WRs emerge. (huge)
    6. Kirby avoids the “We’re not ready to play” nightmare game.

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    • When you consistently play safe for 3, you allow teams to hang around. That’s exactly what happened in the Notre Dame game and the Texas A&M games last year. Sure, we won but we were also biting our fingernails at the end of the game. When your kicker has a poor game, you get a result like South Carolina.

      It was disappointing last year to watch us go HUNH and get teams on their heels and then right back to the stand around for 30 seconds substituting to snap the ball in the last 5 seconds of the play clock.

      I wasn’t really happy with anything our offense did last year. The all-world offensive line gets stoned consistently in short yardage. No real long TD runs. A QB who seemed to go backwards throughout the year. Receivers and tight ends didn’t make plays.

      That formula can go the way of the buggy whip for all I care. Sure, we don’t have to score 40 a game with our defense, but I would much rather see us dominate teams than to be holding on for dear life at the end of games.

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      • Doug Bachman

        I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Kirby playing the odds and letting the clock work against a team is the right way to do it. The whole problem was the offense would have a qtr or 2 that they were ice cold. The Auburn game was the perfect example of it. If the offense can get a few first downs and eat the clock the opposition will feel the pressure to score quickly.


        • Time of possession is the most overrated statistic in the game. If you have more talent, you should try to get games into a track meet. Force teams to keep up with you … force the action rather than plod, plod, plod.


      • PTC DAWG

        The season, while it was very good on the whole, was a strange bird to watch. O was stagnant 75% of the time. D was lights out. I still think Fromm got his bell rung in the ND game and the O went into a shell from then on. We had no legitimate back up plan at QB.


      • kirkwooderson

        The gap between what can get us to 11 wins, vs what can win us 3 games in December/January is massive. With the consolidation of talent at the top, winning those games now requires 2 ELITE units. For all of the agita over the Carolina game, it was completely irrelevant. You can bank on one slipup over the course of the year; undefeateds are rare, doesn’t really matter. Can you go toe-to-toe with OSU/Bama/Clempson, in Miami or Tempe or Atlanta, under maxumum pressure, on all sides of the ball, on every play? We are one of a tiny handful of schools that have the talent to do so. Last issue is deployment of that talent, and even that only on one side of the ball. But as with many things in life, that last little bit seems to be the hardest.


        • Mayor

          The South Carolina game was not irrelevant! Losing that game kept the Dawgs from being in the 4 team playoff. If Georgia and LSU played each other in the SECCG both being undefeated, both winner and loser would have gotten in. And maybe you didn’t watch the Sugar Bowl. I did. The Georgia team I saw beat the snot out of Baylor (a team that should have beaten OU twice) would have been competitive against any team in the playoff. I really would have liked to have had another chance against LSU. A couple of plays that really made all the difference in the SECCG were luck on top of outstanding athletic ability plus great effort. That play where Burrow was about to be sacked but got away and just heaved the ball off his back foot blindly downfield for a TD was just that–an outstanding athletic move plus great effort with blind luck thrown in too. If that pass gets intercepted and run back for a TD (a very likely result when a QB just throws it up for grabs like that) its a different game from then on. I really would have liked Georgia’s chances in the playoff if the Dawgs had been allowed to play. That’s how they keep us from winning a natty–by not letting us play for it. Happened at least 3 times while CMR was HC.


          • kirkwooderson

            But we basically DID play for the natty last year, as well as the previous 2 years. We had a 3 game playoff, won 2 rounds in ’17 and none in ’18 or ’19. As I said, 3 games in December/January are now our season. And while the ’17 and ’18 dawgs may have been championship calibre, last year’s team did not belong on the same field as LSU/Bama/Climpsin, and showed as much. Best comparison point would be the fact that we could hang with an all-time great offense making ridiculous plays in that epic Rose Bowl, whereas we couldn’t last year. Baker was making plays just as silly as Burrow did.


  5. Was Jake too busy reading Soldier Of Fortune instead of getting those extra practice reps?


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Best Dawg Porn Line in the piece: “You get nothing for free against Kirby Smart.”


    • California dawg

      Yeah I need a cold shower and a cigarette after that and “If they fix the offense, they’re national title contenders.”


  7. cltdawg

    “The pressure is real to win in Atlanta”…this had to be from Leach


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    “The nose tackle (Jordan Davis) is dominant, they’re disciplined and the front and linebackers have looked a little bit more like those Bama-era Kirby defenses every year since he’s been there. Longer and faster, longer and faster. They can drop into coverage, they can play big-boy stuff on the run.”

    This gave me chills.


  9. I agree with all of it, especially the predictably part. It was evident in the ND game and never wavered. Great assessment of the defense.