Your Daily Gator calls the Cocktail Party.

Swamp247 is on the mother.

Screenshot_2020-06-09 247Sports projects Florida as a playoff team in 2020

Hey, they saw it on the Internet, so it’s gotta be true, right?


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23 responses to “Your Daily Gator calls the Cocktail Party.

  1. Spike

    “Ten of eleven starters”.. lost on offense? Who knew? FTMF..


    • 81Dog

      they talk about it like we are just going to pull 10 scrubs in out of intramurals or somewhere and hope for the best. Let’s see where this bold assessment gets them, and us. Last year, they had to replace a lot of O, but it was all good to them. As usual, they assume all their moves will work out perfectly, and none of ours will. That doesnt seem based on results under Kirby, but oooooooooooooook, Handbag Nation.



  2. RangerRuss

    Man, you have to do a better job of informing your followers and fellow Dawg fans. I was clueless that Pickens was the Dawgs only returning starter on offense and that the portal master was ”the best play caller in college football”. I need to quit dosing microdots at 5 am I reckon.
    Well, somebody does.


    • mwo

      It’s just the purple ones that are bad at 0500. The others are all okay.


    • mddawg

      Being the best play-caller won’t matter much if the players aren’t all wearing the right wristbands.

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      • Texas Dawg

        Don’t you have to have at least a little talent to run the plays successfully? Put me and 10 of my old fat friends on the field with the greatest play caller in history calling the plays and we will still get our asses beaten. No Florida is out talented, out schemed, and to their dismay out coached. What does all this mean? Another ass beating on Halloween.

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  3. spur21

    Floridda where it is fact if you want it to be. Floridda where it will happen if you want it to happen. Throw in MullenTrask and they have it all.

    Funny they are now pinning all of their hope on their schedule vs our schedule. Never mind the talent – it is irrelevant – they have MullenTrask.

    I’ve never wanted to crush an opponent more than I want to crush Floridda.


  4. David Dozier

    You gotta love the team with that great play caller that he tried to copy cat Kirby with the flea flicker after we destroyed them in Athens….Cousin Eddie never has seemed like he will get it as a head coach…..Good luck with 3rd and Grantham…


  5. Biggen

    Third and Grantham is all that matters. I love that friggin guy.


  6. Uglydawg

    That thread should be titled, “Grasping at Straws”.


  7. Ran A

    I stopped reading the thread. Pretty sure that I was beginning to lose IQ points. Never let your heart write checks, that your brain can’t cash. There are some dumb people on social media. As much as I dislike the Gators, their fan base actually reminds me of the UGA fan base. If you want to read ‘stupid’, just jump over the Vols 247. That is a different level of your head in the sand (or somewhere else). If you think Dawg fans lived in the past – the Vol Nation brings it to a different level.

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  8. Cojones

    What’s interesting is that FU keeps ignoring the first rule of Holes by letting these homer writers/click-baiters soften the ground for their big dig.

    Kirby is watching and knows what we expect at Halloween and will prepare extra-well to bury their ass deeper than evuh before. I’ll be putting that money received for our economy where it will do the most good – a hole in the Swamp.

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  9. BMan

    If ifs and buts were TDs and guts, they wouldn’t get beat in Jacksonville.


  10. Charlottedawg

    21 total rushing yards, wrong wristbands, but yeah their offense is going to run roughshod over our defense this time because Trask and Mullen!!!!! Unlike the bum qb and head coach last year, who were those guys anyways?


  11. They’re starting to believe the click bait hype. Lol. What a set up.


  12. Jim

    you know, sometimes i wonder if the gators aren’t living rent free in our heads?

    Just kick their ass on the field but stop the daily obsessing over their fan forums.


  13. Paul

    It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it on the internet someone is dumb enough to believe it. If I create a website that runs an algorithm randomly producing sentences, I guarantee you someone will eventually quote that site as proof of some cockamamie idea they have. I have no idea how, but for some reason our societal IQ seems to plummet by the day. We excel at inventing new ways to express stupidity.

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  14. AceDawg

    Florida has a schedule for it to get to 10 wins, but I see them as a rinse and repeat team that has at best a puncher’s chance of winning against a top team. Not quite enough talent or excellence to get to the top. Richt recruited slightly better than MuLLLen, and MuLLLen coaches slightly better than Richt. That level of team was rarely good enough for UGA to win the East against weaker teams (Mizzou won it twice in a row!!!), and it sure ain’t good enough to dethrone UGA.

    I can see Mullen winning about 1 in 6 against Kirby considering Muschamp got one.


  15. Can you imagine what this board will look like if we beat Alabama?


  16. Cojones

    I would not be surprised to see SCe beat FU this year, see UT give them a run for their money and see Kentucky just straight up whip their ass.


  17. Down Island Way

    Noticed a few mentions of a 10 win coach that can’t beat UGA being on a “warm seat” or possibly replacing said hc….not sayin’ the rats have jumped the hogtown special, but an interesting take on this season (2020 ?) cause the 2021 FU schedule won’t close the gap…..#FTMF


  18. Hobnail_Boot

    All y’all are misspelling Flllorida.

    Just saying.


  19. stoopnagle

    I mean, if we haven’t got the offense in gear after 7 games and a bye week… but that would be living in reality.