Kyle Trask has rights.

This is the most hacktacular line of 2020.

Trask has earned the right to enter the 2020 season as the preseason All-SEC quarterback.

The “right” to be the preseason All-SEC quarterback — that’s in the 28th Amendment, isn’t it?


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10 responses to “Kyle Trask has rights.

  1. jt10mc (the other one)

    You are mistaken…29th Amendment….:).


  2. 81Dog

    “it’s my turn” is a line that doesn’t exist in a meritocracy. Nor should it. Football is kind of the ultimate meritocracy, isn’t it?

    Trask is a good QB. Is he going to be the best in the SEC this year? There’s an argument to be made for him. Maybe they should make it and skip the entitlement angle.

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  3. Oct. 31….Mr. trask meet UGA’s “D” who will gladly introduce you to the turf in Jacksonville, hope all health issues have improved by your next start, just remember Mr. trask, your hc may be whispering in your ear, but he ain’t taking the beating you are…..#FTMF


    • The Dawg abides

      Outta order? I’ll show you outta order! You don’t know what outta order is , Mr. Trask!


  4. Spike

    Their poor little pea pickin’ brains will explode if they lose again to UGA. Hey.. I guy can dream can’t he?


  5. Derek

    Geneva Conventions!!!


  6. The Dawg abides

    Bob Redmon is a 400+ pound slob fanboy hack left over from when alligator alley was just a fan site.


  7. Uglydawg

    Mullen has earned the right to be considered the most likely coach to lose to Georgia again this year.


  8. Ran A

    Oh, I’m loving this building up of the Gators.. Going to be a lot of drama in Gainesville this fall..


  9. I guess it’s a homer site but it’s not a good post. Not exactly killing the wordsmithing, and really reaching.