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Pundit logic

is the strangest, sometimes.

3. Dan Mullen, Florida

SEC rank: 2

SEC East rank: 1

2019 rank: 3

One or two members of Dawg Nation will remind me that Kirby Smart is 2-0 against Mullen-coached Florida teams and whipped Mississippi State, 31-3, in 2017. It’s close. But Mullen getting to eight straight bowl games from Starkville. And starting 21-5 at Florida. Where he inherited a program that went 4-7 in 2017. And finally getting Gator traction on the recruiting trail. Those reasons.

4. Kirby Smart, Georgia

SEC rank: 3

SEC East rank: 2

2019 rank: 4

Fourth-best program in the country right now after Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State. Just saying that if you flip-flopped coaches with Florida, the Bulldogs might not suffer.

As we like to say around here, “might” is doing a shit-ton of heavy lifting in that last sentence.  Just saying, indeed.



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Goin’ virtual

The SEC joins the crowd with regard to its Media Days.

Can you hang out in a virtual lobby waiting for Nick Saban?  Asking for a Tide fan…


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Your 6.10.20 Playpen

This seems like the quintessential Playpen topic.

First, given how Clay Travis has hackishly (and profitably, I presume) whined about politics affecting sports fandom for a while now, involving him in a discussion like this is irony so rich it’s almost beyond words.  (And, no, for once, I do not digress.)

Second, I know Shapiro is young, but politics has been intertwined with sports in the modern era for decades:  the 1936 Berlin Olympics, integration, Cassius Clay’s refusal to submit to the draft, the 1968 Olympics… hell, the list goes on and on.  It’s nothing new.

Third, he doesn’t come right out and say it, but I strongly suspect what he really disapproves of are politics that don’t align with his impacting sports.  Doubt me?  I don’t follow every comment of his, but, as an example, I don’t think you’ll find a tweet or podcast where he complains about the NFL decision to have the players on the field for the Anthem.

Anyway, here’s an explicit example of that:

They’re making money stirring up the rubes, so I get it.  That’s America.  Besides, and to be fair, if a particular political expression intertwined with sports does comport with your personal leanings, at the least, it probably doesn’t interfere with your entertainment and may even enhance your experience.

But does what we’re witnessing now really affect your perception of sports and your level of passion for them?  I mean, Herschel Walker and Mike Leach are Trump supporters and I couldn’t care less about that in terms of how I take their sporting accomplishments.  But that’s just me; your mileage may certainly vary.

If you are a “shut up and dribble” sort, okay, but if so, aren’t you really saying that your selfish interest in being entertained is more important than the entertainers’ interest in expression of their beliefs?  After all, they’re folks just like you — folks with opinions.  Beyond that, do you expect the entertainers to buy into your point of view?

I’m not being snarky with those of you who disagree with me here.  I am curious how far you are prepared to take it, though.  Those of you who found fault with Kaepernick’s stance and mocked Nike’s support for it, how will Georgia’s and other college football teams’ embrace of Black Lives Matter (using that label in the larger sense of what is the subject of protests now) affect your desire to watch the sport going forward?  Do Drew Brees’ comments about kneeling or the blow back Drew Brees received for them make you less willing to watch the NFL now?  (I know, but work with me here.)  Share in the comments.

Speaking of which, a gentle reminder about how should you interact with your fellow commenters seems apropos about now.  Don’t make me come in there and get you.


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“Personally, I’m hoping that we don’t have to put any restrictions on at Sanford Stadium.”

But Georgia is planning on the alternatives, according to Marc Weiszer.  There are plans in the works for three options:  no fans, limited attendance and full capacity.

Full capacity speaks for itself, as does no fans.  It’s the limited attendance option that I’m skeptical about.

In a limited attendance option, there would be mandatory social distancing and seating would be in groups of two, four, five or six at Sanford Stadium. Designated seating throughout Sanford and other athletic venues would maintain a six foot distance with decals for concessions and restrooms and entrances.

Misting tents and water refills stations will be eliminated. Cashless operations for parking, ticketing and concessions are envisioned.

Mandatory and designated implies some sort of enforcement protocol.  Good luck with that.  Beyond that, how do they plan on disbursing the crowd after the game?

Oh, yeah.  One more thing:  for any scenario that doesn’t involve full attendance, “No outside activations or gatherings of any nature.”  In other words, no tailgating.  While I know that’s Michael Adams’ wet dream, what exactly are fans arriving early supposed to do?  Sit quietly in their cars?  Sit quietly in Sanford Stadium?  I guess it’ll be one or the other, assuming they’re allowed into the stadium early.

It’s uncharted territory and y’all know what Mike Tyson said about plans.




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Wednesday morning buffet

Please maintain a six-foot distance from your fellow grazers as you read…

  • Tennessee, Tier 3. (h/t 81Dog)
  • On the other hand, UT is back, baby, in part because… wait for it… they’ve got a chance, playing Georgia in November.
  • In case you want a line on the Dawgs’ opening opponent this season, here’s Pete Fiutak’s Virginia preview.  (All I can say is if the Cavs’ offensive line doesn’t step up, it’s gonna be a long day to be a Hoos fan.)
  • “With 1.139 million fans attending Georgia games — home, away and neutral site — the Bulldogs were one of a dozen schools to eclipse the million attendance mark in 2019.”
  • Louisiana has made it okay for immediate family members of college coaches are now officially allowed to be employed on staff.  I wonder who lobbied for that.
  • Another sign of the times:  apparently Southern Cal and Reggie Bush have kissed and made up.
  • Groo:  Curating a day of classic Georgia football
  • Can I just say this is dumb?


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“You’re going to have to raise your hand if you want to go…”

He doesn’t mean the bathroom.  He means a college football game this fall, when it appears all options will be on the table due to the coronavirus.

To get the most people allowable into the stadium, Maglione said, athletic departments likely will need to secure confirmations from those who plan to attend. Space will open for fans lower on the priority list if ticket holders with higher priority don’t feel safe and stay away…

“Athletic departments are going to have to be in communication with fans each week to say who wants to attend and then there’s going to be some kind of priority system and/or lottery system.”

That, in and of itself, seems like a daunting logistical task for most athletic departments at schools with big attendance numbers.  Screw that up and you risk alienating a portion of your fan base you really can’t afford to offend, given the times.  Think they all get it right?


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Mark Richt has lost control of Mark Richt Field.

I wonder if this will make it harder to plant the UGA flag after the next win.

Just what they need, an artificial turf in the September sun. What on earth makes them think that’s a wise move?

Oh. That’s… dare I say it… Chantastic.


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