“You’re going to have to raise your hand if you want to go…”

He doesn’t mean the bathroom.  He means a college football game this fall, when it appears all options will be on the table due to the coronavirus.

To get the most people allowable into the stadium, Maglione said, athletic departments likely will need to secure confirmations from those who plan to attend. Space will open for fans lower on the priority list if ticket holders with higher priority don’t feel safe and stay away…

“Athletic departments are going to have to be in communication with fans each week to say who wants to attend and then there’s going to be some kind of priority system and/or lottery system.”

That, in and of itself, seems like a daunting logistical task for most athletic departments at schools with big attendance numbers.  Screw that up and you risk alienating a portion of your fan base you really can’t afford to offend, given the times.  Think they all get it right?


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6 responses to ““You’re going to have to raise your hand if you want to go…”

  1. Aladawg

    Nope. Not a chance


  2. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Perhaps McGarity could start on Thursday evenings with a Pre-Game Call-A-Ticket Thon (extra donation plus points ) that can be followed up with a lottery type drawing on Friday evening ( throw in a round or two of golf and few dinners around A Town ) select the elite few that want to give a $500 or more donations to get your name in the barrel. Then Saturday morning in the Tate Center he could raffle/auction off the remaining select few tickets to be in the 600 level. Certainly those who gave up their opportunity in attending would be given credits for their points.
    Thinking that most of the 65 and older have will have made their attendance mind preparation up long before this seasons outstanding home schedule.
    That way Butts-Maher could set telephone banks in house and not worry with those bothersome 83,000 e-mails. They could have Loren Smith and Jeff Danzler do the Jerry Lewis March of Dimes thing. It could be like a 3 day ESPN game day ( exclude all talking heads except Pollack ) set but with special guests Red Coat members, Spike Squad, UGA and Sonny, Dooley, Donnan, Golf and former players. You know streaming is the thing these days.



    I have already said they should offer refunds to those that are scared/too concerned to attend. It would weed out a few folks for sure..folks over 70 might have a second thought, but from the folks I see in Kroger and Home Depot around here, I could be wrong..


  4. Any limitations on tickets for the general public has the potential to be both a logistical and PR cluster of epic proportions. Even at small 20% attendance rate, how do you keep 18,000 from arriving and departing at the same time? Will they give the university police (who don’t exactly have the best reputation for dealing with the public already) the responsibility of keeping people six feet apart while walking to and from their cars? Social distancing on Sanford’s concourses, really? Are they planning to stop people at the county line to find out if they are one of the chosen few allowed to enter Athens in game days? Will the folks who have given big bucks be satisfied sitting in the cheap seats in order to have six feet in between parties? If they don’t give the limited tickets to the larger donors, how do they justify those large donations? If they allow full attendance, do they have a contingency plan for possible surges/spikes several weeks into the season? Since ticket orders were placed before the pandemic went into effect, will they refund to those who don’t feel comfortable attending this year? What then happens to those tickets/seating assignments in subsequent years?

    I haven’t seen UGA’s plans, but if they are planning (as many universities are) for all students to be tested before they are allowed to attend class, I think the answer is for attendance to be available to students and players’ families only. That way, you’ve got noise and you’ve still got the people who are most personally invested in the outcome. While I’m not looking forward to a season that I can only view on television, that’s much better than no season at all or one that is stopped midway through due to surging hospitalizations from this damn virus. It’s also eliminates the problem of what to do about the effect on seating assignments both for this year and in the future, and it could be quite the PR plus if played right.


  5. SoccerDawg

    In Germany they are playing soccer in empty stadia and fans have been allowed to donate funds in exchange for their cardboard cut out being placed in their seat. Fan noise is piped in.