I got ‘yer gap right here.

Bud Elliott is back with his blue chip ratio post for 2020… and three of the teams don’t look like the others.



Recruiting rankings are not perfect. But they are damn good, especially in the aggregate. Four- and five-star recruits are about 10 times more likely to be drafted in the first round than their two- and three-star counterparts. And five-stars are about 33 times more likely to be All-Americans as two-stars. For every two-star who becomes a big success, there are multiples who will be going pro in something other than sports.

That is not to say that development does not matter. It certainly does. But nobody wins a national title by player development in lieu of elite recruiting. Plenty of coaches who are regarded as elite have never sniffed winning it all because they can’t get enough talent. On the other hand, there are examples of coaches who are not regarded as premier head men who have won it all thanks to elite recruits.

Coaching matters. But recruiting is by far the most important piece when it comes to separating the good from the great.

Now, if only somebody would tell certain members of the pundit class that…


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  1. It’s kind of annoying that this keeps having to be proved by math over and over, Because we pretty much figured this out 10 to 15 years ago.

    Bear Bryant figured it out 60 years ago.

    Jimmy Johnson coined the phrase about jimmy’s and Joe’s.

    It’s quite insanely amazing that after Kirby has crushed recruiting for 3 years Alabama is still a tik ahead.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Saban has full control of his athletic department. The AD works for him. He never has to wait for facilities to be upgraded piecemeal like Kirby does.

      Kirby still has more to work with than Richt does, and he has more “want-to” than Richt ever had, but Kirby still has to butt his head up against The Georgia Way, even if it’s not as bad as the Richt Era.

      The Georgia Way is not The Alabama Way. That’s the razor thin difference between them and us, and likely always will be.

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      • Yeah I’m not arguing that I’m just saying it’s amazing. There’s been some really good top players that still went to Alabama anyway when they could be superstars at 20 different schools.

        It’s totally the bear Bryant formula of keeping other opponents from having good players.


    • It’s quite insanely amazing that after Kirby has crushed recruiting for 3 years Alabama is still a tik ahead.

      They’ve been crushing it at this level since 2008.I’d say the part that’s more amazing is that in basically just four recruiting classes, Kirby has effectively closed the talent gap with Alabama.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I wonder what that asshole in Charleston would have to say about this?

    Would Georgia suffer no ill effects under MuLLLen?

    Facts are the enemy of hot takery bullshit.



    That’s quite the chart..


  4. DawgPhan

    That list has gotten bigger and bigger every year. I assume some combination of grade inflation and rich getting richer, but it may just be my memory and it was always that many teams.

    But seemed like the cutoff used to be 50% and there were only ever a handful of schools over 50%

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    • HamBone

      He said in the article it is related to the hard 25 per year limit the NCAA put it place. Less total kids signed, so the denominator is smaller.

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      • DawgPhan

        Ha. I went back and read the article and it got me thinking.

        342 possible BCRs

        Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1625 recruits signed by power 5 schools. Figure that probably represents about how many ranked recruits there are/

        Puts the BCR rate around 20%.Which means that UGA has their talent and the talent of 3 other schools.

        Which means that those top 3 schools really represent 12 schools. And that list means that nearly 60% of all the BCR talent in a 4 year period is amassing into just a handful of schools.

        Thats pretty amazing and nice to be on the list.


  5. Russ

    Clemson is a good example of the type of talent you need to win a 2-game schedule.

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  6. stoopnagle

    So you don’t have to figure it out yourself:

    11-7 vs that list since 2016

    0-2 Bama

    0-1 Texas

    0-2 LSU

    1-0 OU
    3-1 Florida
    4-1 Auburn
    2-0 Notre Dame
    1-0 A&M


    • Down Island Way

      The bammers are the group UGA really needs to win 60 minutes against…..


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        It’s been 13 years.

        The futility against Bama was caused in part by Kirby when he was there, and then continued by Kirby’s play not to lose offensive philosophy since he’s been here.

        It’s time to do as Coach O did and go for fucking broke against that fucking machine and actually lay it all out on the line instead of being scared to play to win.


  7. Tlkdawg

    Six SEC schools on the list, one ACC. Things in the ACC aren’t changing anytime soon. The gap between Ohio st vs Mich & PSU surprises me somewhat. Those two are not closing the gap any more than fu is.


  8. Harold Miller

    I’m shocked the “Cannon Shots” aren’t on the list. They were so sure that they were closing the gap. Of course, they could just point to last season result and say they didn’t need to.


  9. Senator, do you have any preliminary plans for a GTP tailgate this year? More than ever, this blog has provided community and a place to vent. I would love to be able to place names with faces. I know there is a lot that needs to fall into place. But we can dream, can’t we?

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  10. willypmd

    Wow, Clemson is much lower than I would anticipate.

    Elite developer, elite evaluator, just luck to only have two win two real games a year (both playoff games)?

    I wonder if Dabo really would be able to continue his success at Bama if he left to replace Saban…


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Unlike Sideshow Dan the Clown, Dabo actually IS a great developer of lower-rated talent into prime performers and NFL Draft picks.

      Yet because Dabo is who he is, he doesn’t get the same myth-making Dancing Dan MuLLLen with his “cool” sneakers and Tik Tok videos get.


    • Classic City Canine

      Clemson has also had super-elite QB’s. Having an other-worldly QB can close the gap in a hurry with the Alabamas. You can only put 11 guys on the field at once after all.

      Dabo and his staff are outstanding at evaluating talent and they have a top notch culture.


  11. Spike

    Bluto, my good man.. Are you turning into a recruitnik after all these years? Say it ain’t so! 🙂


  12. SouthernYank

    If you take this list and the other 4 he lists as the only other ones likely soon to make the list, you’ve simply got all the traditional college football powers. It’s not really surprising.


  13. Dabo coachin’ ’em up!


  14. Got Cowdog

    Oh please, powers that be, allow us to make our choice as to fill the stadium on September 19th to knock the Bama stink off our program. I got a feeling. Let ’em play, let us cheer ’em on. They have it coming…
    Go Dawgs


  15. Will Adams

    I found this intriguing…

    “If a player signs with a school and is unable to enroll and must go to JUCO, he still counts because the school used one of its Letters of Intent (LOI) on him.”

    So FU’s actual ratio must be below the 63% shown in the chart. And that gap is even bigger.

    I haven’t taken the time to look up the ratio the Dawgs had before Smart took over but, I’d bet it was in the low 60’s at best. As the article states, this isn’t the determining factor on who will win a NC. That being said, I sure do feel like we have a better shot now than any time during CMR’s tenure.