On brand

Two iconic looks:


Both do a terrific job of making sure the label faces properly, but the question is, who sells it better?



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15 responses to “On brand

  1. Saban, at least people are giving him views, gtu not so much.


  2. RangerRuss

    I’m laughing my ass off and somewhere Mr Bob Woodruff is smiling.


    • Little nicky says “talk to the coke bottle”….that WH cup is like that stadium on game day…empty…oh, don’t tell them, but that turf is installed backwards…the tech part is supposed to be on the other end of the land fill…


  3. JC

    Is Waffle House a legit GT sponsor or is that just Collins’ wet dream?


  4. gastr1

    I can’t get past how skinny that “incoming pass rusher” is. Needs to spend more time in Waffle House for sure.

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  5. Rocketdawg

    Say what you will about Gee-off (and Lord knows I have to my Tech friends) but he has made the NATS somewhat relevant again. He’s a bit of a clown and his schtick is going to get old if they don’t win football games but hey people are at least talking about GTU football. Personality wise anything is better than ol Hog Jowls/Fish Fry.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    So many thoughts.
    – First time I’ve seen that “T” on Collins’s hat. Are they completely abandoning any association with the state?
    – I just don’t get the Waffle House connection.
    – That Lightweight DE would get pancaked by DeAndre Swift. Can’t imagine what one of our OTs would do to him.


  7. Cojones

    Geff looks like I feel right now, like we both need a trip to a brewery. Southern Philosophy sounds like a good one today.


  8. Dawglicious

    When Geoffy can tell the media to “talk to the Waffle” or “talk to the Bert’s Chili” in response to a question…


  9. Union Jack

    Saban is the GOAT. Dude was a driver/merchandiser for Coke as a grad assistant.


  10. Brandon M

    At Georgia Tech… you can do that.


  11. 92 Grad

    That pic of Nick should be in the dictionary under “smug”