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De Plan! De Plan!

The NCAA has a practice roadmap now.

The NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee passed a six-week practice plan Thursday in order to kick off the season on time.

The plan now heads to the NCAA Division I Council for approval at its meeting Wednesday…

During this period, schools are allowed eight hours per week of strength and conditioning, six hours per week of team meetings and six hours per week of walk-throughs, which gets to 20 hours per week. The committee clarified that schools can have flexibility in determining how to split up that time, provided they do not exceed four hours per day.

They even made a handy dandy color coded chart.


If you’re looking for a certain bottom line, per Mike Griffith,

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart could have direct supervision over the Bulldogs and begin working with the players on July 13, per a Yahoo Sports report.

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This Monken guy might be decent.

While I don’t feel as flamboyant as Dean Legge is about Todd Monken…

But letting someone go is only step one in a two-step process. Kirby replaced the old offensive coordinator with someone who was in charge of some of the highest-producing offenses last decade in college football.

Todd Monken.

Five seasons last decade Monken oversaw an offense or a team. Needless to say the results speak for themselves. At Southern Miss, Monken yanked the Eagles from being one of the bottom 13 scoring offenses in the country before he got there to the No. 13 scoring offense the season he left.

But what he did as an offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State is extraordinary. There were 1,263 offenses that put up statistics in major college football last decade. Todd Monken’s offenses in Stillwater were No. 6 and No. 16 overall…

For. The. Decade.

Consider that two years after Monken left Stillwater, the Cowboys finished No. 77 in overall scoring offense… not for the decade – for the year. If what Monken did on offense at Oklahoma State and Southern Miss are any indication it won’t take long for UGA to be a top ten offense – even with the defenses in the SEC.

… he does make a valid point there.

Take a look at points per game in the year before Monken became the OC at Okie State, with the two years he was there and then the year after he left:

  • 2010:  44.2 (3rd nationally)
  • 2011:  48.7 (2nd)
  • 2012:  45.7 (3rd)
  • 2013:  39.1 (13th)

And here’s a similar story at Southern Miss, where he went to become head coach:

  • 2012:  19.7 (112th)
  • 2013:  17.1 (119th)
  • 2014:  19.0 (117th)
  • 2015:  39.9 (13th)
  • 2016:  32.8 (41st)

Clearly, the guy has a clue how to direct prolific offenses.  How can he be worse than what we saw last season?


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