Player survey sez…

Somebody gave me a hard time for not posting anything about a player survey about the coronavirus that appeared in The Athletic, so I’ll make amends by noting the one ESPN conducted with 73 FBS players.

Here are the three primary findings:

Are you comfortable practicing and playing games without a coronavirus vaccine?

Yes: 64
No: 8
Somewhat: 1

Are you comfortable practicing and playing games if your school isn’t open to the general student body?

Yes: 62
No: 11

Are you willing to play games in empty stadiums?

Yes: 59
No: 13
Depends: 1

And here are the two results I find more pertinent.

If the season got delayed or interrupted, would you be willing to play two seasons in one calendar year?

Yes: 37
No: 28
Depends: 8

How long do you need to get ready for the season?

Four weeks: 17
Six weeks: 37
Eight weeks: 17
More than eight weeks: 1
Whatever the NCAA says: 1

Why do I say that?  Because this strikes me as having the ring of truth to it:

In other words, “voluntary” does not mean what we think it means.


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  1. Milton Dawg

    I don’t think that should be a surprise to anyone. My sons have always had “voluntary” off-season workouts for lacrosse or weight training or basketball. Those aren’t “voluntary” in the literal sense of the word. I am sure that I am not the only one that has had “voluntary” opportunities in work that while, ostensibly at least, are “voluntary” are in reality something that aren’t “voluntary” at all.



    Seems legit to me, if a kid is uncomfortable, by all means, he gets a pass. You would think that would be a given.


  3. TimberRidgeDawg

    Voluntary doesn’t mean voluntary for sure…

    But depending on the school, the players may be less likely to pick it up if they’re playing and being monitored than if they’re just out running around with the general student body.

    UGA has the resources to keep their players proactively monitored more than me just walking around in Home Depot on a Saturday or having my kids dragging home whatever they’ve been into during the course of the week.

    Not all schools can do that but a P5 football program should have the resources to proactively monitor the health of their players. Will they do it? Different question…


  4. Argondawg

    I have way more faith in CKS and Ron Courson to put in place protocols that will give our student athletes the best shot at playing in as safe of an environment that humans can create.
    I have zero faith in the NCAA to have serious guidelines about protocols to have a relatively safe season. Which also means we will have teams that we are playing that won’t be doing anything near what we are doing for player safety which could very well have serious impacts on our program and players. All of the options suck for the players, fans, coaches etc. There are no good answers at this point.


    • Cojones

      My concerns are the same as you have posted but this hill grade rising as we post has too many rises that will sadly stop this season. The statistics of this virus’s infectivity will be such that we may not even get a kickoff.

      A hill too high; a bridge too far; a natural force too strong to permit a normal game and a season will let us live on in the recent past exploits of our strong and game Dawgs, but won’t succumb to our most fervent wishes for even a complete game in the near future.

      Test programs have increased in number, but not enough for us to be able to plot our own path. We await the next stage of infectivity that has already begun through the inaction to control people away from.the vicinity of this virus. Wishing without action will not get us there.


  5. The responsibility is to yourself…if a student athlete wants to go play/practice (what ever sport) then do so, if a student athlete wants no part of possible contact with covid 19, then by all means, stay away/protect yourself as much as possible, waiting is better, come back when they feel safe…the universities will provide some form of advice/help/protection against the spread, but they are not going to look out for the student athlete, the general student population may get better advice/protection….student athletes can not blame the universities should that individual has aspirations/next level work and they choose to push caution/health concerns out the window…viruses have a bad habit of changing their strain on a regular basis, having a vaccine today doesn’t mean that vaccine have the same effectiveness in 4 months


  6. Jeremy Coulter

    For highly conditioned athletes Covid is no more dangerous than the flu…and possibly less so since an elevated percentage of infected have no symptoms. It is time for people to move on with living. Those that are concerned about their health should stay home if that is what they think is best. Precautions should be handled on an individual basis.


  7. I really wonder about the smaller schools without the resources.


  8. spur21

    One thing that jumped out at me was the “You want to go play in the NFL and see that dream realized” which only applies to a small percentage of players. Wonder how many kids will just say never mind and go on with life as a non football player. Interesting metric.


  9. I’ll have Bend The Narrative for $2,000, Alex….


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    “…with dreams of playing in the NFL…”. I really wish the lessons of reality were required teaching to these kids. They have better odds buying lottery tickets with their stipends and much better odds with a meaningful college degree to strike it rich than getting a high paying long term NFL contract. And even then, nearly half go broke once out of the league.


  11. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What It’s Worth:
    Is this about having football, jr. high, high school, college or about law frickin’ suits.
    I refrain from politics but really your kid, your college student can get infected at Walmart as easy at practice or say travel ball.
    Non religious statement. The Methodist church issued a 17 page edict as to when to open here….. 17 pages….the last page after the oblivious rules, as in sit with family, 6’ apart, must wear masks, can not sing with a frickin’ mask on.
    Back to the last page it was pretty much a legal document that Senator, you would know the goesinto’s and the whereabout’s bit in reality you sign a document that releases the Methodist Church from anyone getting infected by COVID 19.
    I’d say that when you receive news of your tickets, limited as they be. You will have a letter from McGarity releasing the University from anyone attending a game, the University will not and can not be held accountable for you acquiring the virus.
    You can tear history down but it remains in the minds who’s grandfather’s, sons and daughters served the ultimate sacrifice. You can tear a statue down but not the memory.


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