“The Vols are back. Before long we’ll be a taking bite out of everyone we play’s ass.”

Some memes will never die ($$).  Here’s something from David Ubben’s schedule analysis for Tennessee:

Kirby Smart’s team is replacing its quarterback, offensive coordinator, top two running backs and four starters on the offensive line, one of whom will likely be suiting up for Tennessee this fall. And the Bulldogs didn’t once take the field for spring practice.  [Emphasis added.]

There’s a drinking game to be made out of the first broadcast of the season, but I don’t want to watch a game stinkin’ wasted.


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15 responses to ““The Vols are back. Before long we’ll be a taking bite out of everyone we play’s ass.”

  1. That’s providing, you have a urnge glazed donut ass with sprinkles


  2. stoopnagle

    Well, you know, the Vols are on a 6 game winning streak.


  3. Amazing what a soft November followed by a 1-point bowl game win over perennial B1G power Indiana will do for a fan base’s psyche.

    All of that bravado is going to come crashing down when the Urange step foot in Memorial Stadium in Norman. Then they host the Handbags and Bama before coming to Athens in November. I don’t think Kirby will be letting the team forget how Cade Mays left Athens.

    It’s like the dumb@$$3$ in the media have forgotten how blue chips are stacked on the depth chart in Athens.

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    • Yurdle

      This this this this this.

      The vols season was all narrative arc. If you put Bama or UGA at the end of the season (like this year), the streak fades and the vols come to grips with finishing SEC play with a negative scoring margin.


    • Just looked at their schedule. The Vols got plenty to worry about not Georgia. Lol


  4. Spike

    The Vols and the Texas Longhorns should go get a room together with all this”.. We are Back!” bullshit every season.


  5. Is it like a meme or trolling at this point? I think it’s some sort of running joke


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Now that Georgia State and BYU are off the schedule they can release a long sigh of relief. Lookout though, Vandy is an away game for utk this year….

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  7. Ran A

    Their fan base seems to think that catching Georgia later in the schedule is an advantage to them. Ask. Auburn how that has worked out for them. By the time the Dawgs see them; things should be humming. No, you want Georgia ‘early’; say in Bama’s spot – maybe Auburn’s. You do not want Georgia in November or on Halloween night.

    I go the Vols ‘at best’ 8-4, losing to Oklahoma, Bama, Georgia – upsetting UF and losing to Kentucky. But they had better not sleep on the Gamecocks, or they will be 7-5.

    Gainesville and Knoxville will not accept this dominance; they will get impatient with both coaches. If the Vols go 7-5 this year, Pruitt is gone. Anything better, he will get one more year. Lose to Georgia and Bama again in 2022 and it will be his last year. This is make or break for Mullen; if he loses to Georgia again and they lose another SEC game, that will put him on the hot seat in 2022. Go 0-4 against the Dawgs and he’ll never see his 5th year. Honestly, I expect Georgia to see different coaches at USCjr., UTjr, and UF when they see them in 2022 and possibly Vanderbilt. As for Kentucky, if we see a different coach there, it is because Stoops moved on – and that team could be UF or UT.


    • Ran A

      Sorry, “lost to Georgia again in 2021 and it will be his last year”


    • Rocketdawg

      This is what it don’t get either. One Vowel blogger had the balls to say that catching us later in the season was an advantage for them because of depth. There are a lot of stupid things said by various fan bases and writers but to suggest that the Hillbillies 3 star ⭐️ depth is better than our 82% blue chip ratio is laughable. The ONLY hope they have of upsetting us, Bama, UF, or Oklahoma is if they have zero injuries.


  8. Dawg1

    You’d think they’d have wanted us earlier in the year since I hear we missed spring practice?

    I say we still score more than Mr. Mays — unless that new pinky can go all night now!


  9. Texas Dawg

    Just to play along with them for a minute. Assume (and that takes a huge leap) that UGA’s offense is not up to speed by then, that still does not explain how UT is going to score on arguably the best defense in football. If the other team can not score, then you can never lose. If I were UT, I would not bank on the offense being as pedestrian as last year (when you got blasted) and the defense will be even stouter.


  10. Is there another way to watch a game? No one told me!


  11. CPark58

    With Fulmer AND Cheney on the payroll, there’s a joke in there somewhere about taking a bite out of someone’s ass. I’m just pressed for time to bring the joke home.