“There’s nothing worse you can ever have to do than cut sports.”

It took COVID-19 for a bunch of college athletics administrators to come to Jesus and realize they’re operating a broken system?

Shit, all they had to do was look at what Jeff Long did with David Beaty to know things are fucked up.

Kansas Athletics has been billed at least $473,730.04 — so far — on outside legal services while defending itself against a lawsuit from former football coach David Beaty.

Those invoices, received by The Star on Thursday following an open records request, show the amount billed by Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP to KU between Oct. 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020.

KU Athletics and Beaty settled the lawsuit on Friday, with the athletic department agreeing to pay the former coach $2.55 million. Beaty originally sued KU for $3 million, which was the amount of the original buyout in his contract…

Though KU did not attach a Bryan Cave bill for May’s services as part of the records request, a “balance outstanding” line indicated that the school still owed $81,058.55 from an invoice that was dated June 8, 2020. If accurate, that would make KU’s total $554,788.59, not including any Bryan Cave billing from June.

When you wind up spending more fighting a buyout than the original cost of the buyout, that’s just your way of showing that college sports’ problem isn’t that there’s too much money.  It’s that there’s too much waste.

And canning programs that help kids instead of addressing the real problem is just further proof that most athletic administrators either don’t understand the problem or don’t care.  And why should they?  Once things get back to normal and the money spigot is turned back on, they can go right back to doing what worked before.  For them, anyway.

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  1. Doug

    There’s a term for what Long is doing here, and it’s “hustlin’ backwards.”