In today’s episode, Bret Bielema is represented by Tom Mars.

Jeff Long’s current employer:  Hey, let’s get into a futile legal fight over a $3 million buyout with a football coach we canned that wound up costing us more money than just paying the buyout would have and forced us to show our ass in discovery.  Nobody else is that stupid!

Jeff Long’s former employer:  Hold our beer.


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2 responses to “In today’s episode, Bret Bielema is represented by Tom Mars.

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Arkansas makes us look competent.

    Think about how bad that makes them look.


  2. McTyre

    Exhibit A on the need for programs to have a qualified AD with political backing from the Pres and Athletic Board to make sound hiring and firing decisions and manage the athletics enterprise. The only respects in which McGarrity is competent in his role are 1) managing funds (read Reserve Fund) responsibly and 2) hiring Kirby and addressing resource issues Kirby prioritized. He continues to fail in nearly all other respects. If Kirby is no longer around to supply priorities or if Kirby goes over the line on what’s good for UGA athletics and the university, GM’s spectacular lack of qualifications and temperament for the AD role will be laid bare. The organizational dysfunction between the Board/boosters, President, AD and FBHC will also be laid bare.