“… Kyle better work because Emory is trying to get his job.”

Uh hunh… right, Dan.

He’s not ruling out Emory Jones taking the quarterback spot from Kyle Trask. Florida head coach Dan Mullen expects a competition between the two this season and while everyone expects Trask to be the guy, Mullen insists that Jones will see the field a great deal.

I’m not ruling out that I’m going to win the lottery.  We’ll see how that works out.


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19 responses to ““… Kyle better work because Emory is trying to get his job.”

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Please let Danny never leave until all of the 90s & 00’s demons have been exorcised.

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  2. DC Weez

    But, but, but Kyle Trask is the best QB in the SEC and he didn’t need spring practice.


  3. Mayor

    I’m unimpressed by Trask. Why wouldn’t Emory Jones get a real shot at winning the starting QB job if it turns out he’s the better player?


  4. practicaldawg

    Is there a precedent for 2 QBs from the same university tying for the Heisman?

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  5. Ran A

    Mullen… He has under utilized that kid since he arrived on campus. If he’s starting against Georgia, it’s because LSU knocked out Trask. Kid has a smooth release and runs well; could be a true duel QB. Truth, for where he is in his career; he’s under developed.


  6. Sweet D

    In all seriousness, I do see Trask starting the season, but Jones finishing it. I just think he brings more to the table.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      If Jones were the real deal Trask never would’ve gotten off the bench after Franks went down. Mullen’s problem is he needs a QB who can run for that offense. As a prototypical dropback passer Trask doesn’t fit that mold – so Mullen has to call a very different game than he normally would.


  7. tbia

    So, can they both be heisman finalists?


    • Don’t forget the heisman qb from the sec sleeps at the “gus bus” house…plus, i truly desire a qb controversy at hogtown central, the FU hc indulges the media with undefeated crap speak and that this guy is coming for your job and blah, blah, blah…i can smell that out going “transfer port-o-let” cranking up as we speak…..#FTMF


  8. Doug

    For a guy all the Gator fans are insisting is head and shoulders above the rest of the SEC’s quarterbacks, Trask sure does sound like he’s getting pushed, doesn’t he?


  9. Macallanlover

    BS, Mullet passed on Jones last season when he had a chance to use him. This is all fake news to simply keep him from entering the portal by dangling carrot before his eyes. I am not saying Jones isn’t capable but Mullet has had 2 years to “develop” him, and he is still behind a QB who hasn’t won a starting job going into a year since he was 14 years old. Some QB whisperer the Gaytors have.


  10. Pirate

    That offense has always worked better when you have a dual threat qb . Hard to believe Mullen has not had a 5 star stud down there. Glad as hell Fields didn’t go I can promise u that.


  11. Busta

    Trask is a statue and makes poor decisions, Jones is too small for the constant pounding MuLLLen wants to give him (haahaa). Neither will work and there’s not a QB on the roster Dinosaur Dan can deploy to run his predictable offense. There’s a reason the big boys always beat him, you shut down his QB and he’s toast. Trask came so close to having season ending injuries last season (I don’t wish for that), Jones doesn’t have meaningful game experience…Trask it is and good luck surviving the season young fella.