Bubba’s in black

Imagine you’re from Tennessee.  It’s likely you had issues with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter.

That was then.  This is now.

Man, I hope Lulu and Junior don’t get whiplash from the sudden change in direction.


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  1. Derek

    I guess we’re about to find out just how much more it means…

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  2. cardawgrapher

    “Oh dear, what can I do?
    Bubba’s in black, and playing Big Blue”


  3. bwaredogs

    Hope we do the same.

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  4. tenesseewasnevergreat

    I know this isn’t a playpen, but I don’t really know what you consider off topic, Senator. Please forgive me in advance if I am off topic.

    First, I hate that Kapernick decided that the protest for black lives should be in the form of taking a knee during the national anthem. I think that unnecessarily turned a lot of people off — people who were then called racists for disagreeing with the form of protest. Kapernick’s approach made headlines, though.

    Back to the point at hand, I really like what Tennessee is doing here. It’s great that the players want to show their support for the black community and help bring an end to unnecessary police violence. The fact that they have come up with a way to do this without disrespecting the flag and the country is perfect. I couldn’t be happier. I hope our guys do this too, and not just because I like the black jerseys. The way I see it, these guys are being shown how to use their voice in a constructive way. That is empowering the players and probably more beneficial to them than what they are learning from the University in art history.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      “First, I hate that Kapernick decided that the protest for black lives should be in the form of taking a knee during the national anthem.”

      Didn’t Kaepernick get the concept from a former marine who is white?

      What form of protesting do you deem acceptable? Marching into a state capital building carrying machine guns, with swastika tattoos, waving battle flags?

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      • junkyardawg41

        Kaepernick started kneeling during the National Anthem. A lot of people felt offended by him doing that. Instead of finding another avenue to protest, he doubled down and the message got lost because of it. I think if Kaepernick would have recognized that and instead started kneeling down on the first play of the game, he could have carried his protest message a lot better.


        • Jdawg108

          “A lot of people felt offended” does not equal “the protest didn’t work”. I’d even argue this means it did have its intended effect.

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        • CB

          Assuming we have a season I think you’ll see that, 4 years later, Kaepernick’s protest will finally begin to have it’s intended effect. Hell, we’re already seeing it in certain sports leagues that have started back.


      • Dawg1

        FWIW. I’d say both are forms of protest, as is someone’s right to their opinion that either none, one or both, are unacceptable — to them.

        However, the right of the people peaceably to assemble shall not be abridged seems like a fair standard, IMO.


      • tenesseewasnevergreat

        Burning the American flag is also a form of protest and it was popular of quite a few white college kids in the 60s. I think you’ll find a lot of overlap between people who disapprove of american flag burning and kneeling during the anthem while wearing cops are pigs socks. And the fact that a white marine came up with the idea, if true, would have absolutely zero effect on my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t think highly of a marine of any race who did that.


    • I never had a problem with him taking a knee.

      He didn’t sit down during the anthem. He didn’t flip the bird at the flag during the anthem. He knelt. Which, as I’ve said before, is a universal symbol of reverence and subordination.

      I just don’t get why people took it as a slight.

      His socks depicting cops as pigs and his evident love of Castro are stupid to me, but not even those things made me think he was “wrong” to take a knee during the anthem.

      If I asked the question, “How can professional athlete protest something they perceive as a national disgrace and do it in a way that is noticeable yet NOT inflammatory, distracting, or disrespectful?”, why my answer is probably going to be “kneel during the anthem.”


      • Mayor

        Here’s the problem Jared. People came to see a football game, not to see somebody take a knee in protest. If Colin Kaepernak or anyone else wants to protest something—anything—by taking a knee or otherwise I have no problem with that. Just do it on your own time.


        • “Shut up and throw the pig skin”, amirite?

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        • CB

          Meaning he had a captive audience which was the point. Most people don’t attend protests who don’t already agree with them. Put it in an NFL game and they’ll be forced to pay attention. And 4 short years later it’s looking like every professional athlete in the country might be kneeling. College as well. That was the goal, and like it or not it’s like he’s accomplished it more effectively than previously imaginable.


          • Just Chuck (The Other One)

            Forced to pay attention?

            There are a lot of things to look at in a football stadium. Shouldn’t you be looking at the flag and not the players during the anthem?


      • He actually sat down later on as I recall.


        • Doesn’t change my lack of caring.


        • Go Dawgs!

          You’re incorrect. At the start of his protest, he sat down. Once it began to be reported, the former Marine met with him and suggested kneeling would be more respectful to the armed forces, so he began to take a knee.


          • No I had it in the wrong order. He still sat down. Would like a source document on this marine. Which by the way is completely irrelevant and immaterial. That he was a marine. That doesn’t make him smarter better more educated more experienced wiser just because he served in the Marine Corps any more than it does that I was in the Air Force

            And it’s not more respectful of the armed forces, I have no idea where that is coming from. Never heard that in my life, never heard that in my decades of service. But maybe that’s something they only teach the special Marines that need to be highlighted


            • mg4life0331

              No they don’t teach us that. Im ok with what Tennessee is doing. Kaepernick is a moron. His socks and shirts are a reflection of his character.

              Funny when we had a good year he didn’t feel the need to show his ass.

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            • Union Jack

              Kaepernick first just sat on the bench. He decided to kneel at the suggestion of Nate Boyer, a former Marine who briefly played in the NFL. Boyer reached out to Kaepernick to suggest an alternative sitting on the bench so Kaepernick could protest over social justice issues and still be respectful to our nation’s military and veterans.

              “Kneeling has never been seen as a disrespectful gesture,” Boyer stated. “When we pray, we propose to our wives, when players are hurt on the field. When I visit Arlington and visit the fallen brothers grave, I take a knee to show respect.”


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              • Ok. Theres a reference. The fact this cat was a marine has absolutely nothing to do with him being a voice of authority anymore than my service does. As an Air Force combat veteran I would tell calling kapnick not to kneel and use his platform for social change in local communities. But what he did is Stir the pot and do nothing but serve himself and wear pig socks.

                Is this Marines advice more valuable than mine? I dont think so.

                Yes us of religion kneel before God. Has Colin been in a church lately?

                I love the spin on this, the truth is right there. He wanted to create a controversy to highlight himself and accomplish that mission with a 15 million dollar Nike contract.

                If you’re hanging your hat on Colin as bastion of truth and justice I got nothing for you. He disrupted Games to draw attention on himself. Big pay day.

                In my 48 years of life which includes Cub Scouts boy scouts JROTC, ROTC, and active duty with combat seevice, I never once ever heard to kneel during the anthem or at the flag as a sign of respect. That is some made up bull crap. I’ve been to 5 or 6 in country memorial services for folks lost lives , special Ops and task force 121. We were standing at attention.

                Spin spin spin. Some Marines opinion, which is all it is , doesn’t make it a fact, because he was a marine. Their elements that like to claim a service member when that service member’s opinion suits theirs.

                Spin spin spin

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                • Classic City Canine

                  The point–which appears to have flown over your head–is that the kneeling suggestion came from a service member, which means the suggestion has more legitimacy than Joe Citizen.

                  Also, the Nike deal wasn’t on the table when he started. How can you say this was all a PR stunt?


                • jt10mc (the other one)

                  Nate Boyer was a Green Beret and no his voice holds no more weight than yours. I am a retired Marine…and served with TF 5-35.1, TF 10 and a few others, so I chewed some dirt served with ODA 7331 and an MSOT in Baghis province…btw the “M” in Marine is capitalized its a proper name…


                • Union Jack

                  Sorry that I did not correctly identify Boyer’s branch of service.

                  His voice held more weight with Kaepernick because he was a veteran of the Armed Forces who also happened to play in the NFL. In addition, Boyer will willing to have a conversation with Kaepernick about the reasons for the protest and what he was attempting to accomplish. To his credit, Kaepernick listened to Boyer’s positions and altered how he was protesting.

                  The whole point of protest is to make things tense. It is to make enough people uncomfortable to spur change. It didn’t move some people. Some people wouldn’t attempt to listen because they disagreed with the form, time and place of the protest. That is the their right. Others did call for change based on Kaepernick did.

                  I do disagree with the assertion made above that he disrupted an NFL game other than call attention his cause. It has never been reported that an NFL game was cancelled, postponed or even delayed by significant minutes by the protest.


        • CB

          He sat first and kneeled after speaking with the military member who suggested it.


        • stoopnagle

          I think he started out sitting down, then took advice to kneel as per comments above.


    • Joe Schmoe

      Seems like a perfect protest to me. Kapernick and others are pointing at that America (and the flag that represents it) has never lived up to its stated values when it comes to black Americans. While exposing the universal values of “all men being created equal” and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, the flag flew for 90 years over the country while enslaving black Americans and subsequently the eras of legal segregation and Jim Crowe infringement of Black Americans ability to exercise their rights as equal citizens under the law.

      Maybe Americans should be more offended by this terrible history of oppression and the lasting negative effects on our black brothers and sisters than getting offended by Kapernick’s sox?

      Also, these same people who are so offended by this non-violent form of protest, are the same people who decry PC culture and “liberal snow flakes.” Not to mention that they support these crazy militias walking the halls of state capitols with assault rifles but Kapernick kneeling was offensive somehow – bull shit. The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness by the right in this country is truly staggering.


  5. mddawg

    Oh, I bet Kirby’s pissed he didn’t think of that.

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  6. Malcolm X

    The way I see it, these guys are being shown how to use their voice in a constructive way. That is empowering the players and probably more beneficial to them than what they are learning from the University in art history. Tennesseewasnevergreat.
    Amen , brother. Football players need to discover they have a voice. Then how to use it. Looking back on it, kapernick was ahead of his time. It’s fascinating how his act four (?) years ago has now become a way to defuse tensions between police and demonstrators. In a strange way, football might help heal us. Of course, anytime Notre Dame and Alabama lose, I am mentally helped. Sorry if this is near playpen talk.



    Trying to appease run amok. They’d get more money auctioning Jersey’s in UT’s real colors. Not some PC BS.


  8. Walter Geiger

    serious question: what sort of market do you suppose there would be for these jerseys? black UGA jersey market i can see. black UT jersey is another thing.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Did you and PTC DAWG not see how crazy those big orange folks went for those butt-ugly “smokey gray” uniforms? They’ll love the black jerseys, and they’ll sell. They were popular among many corners of their fan base when Lane Kiffin broke them out as a gimmick as well, you just didn’t hear much about them after the fact because they hated Kiffin and would never admit to having liked anything he did.


  9. Mayor

    Hijacking the thread here, I know. ESPN is showing a replay of the 2018 Rose Bowl and I’m watching. Damn that was a great Georgia team! Best team in the nation that year. Breaks my heart that a crooked group of refs kept that team from winning the 2017 national championship.


  10. Salty Dawg

    This gets a big, fat, eye roll from me. I hope they all itch! Germy is doing this for PR first and foremost. They will always be orange pieces of shit to me but that’s just my unbiased opinion.


  11. James Ivey

    Just to put in my two cents but, the black jersey with white helmets and orange pants make the Vols look like dollar store candy corn or a poor mans Wyoming.

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  12. Down Island Way

    Some peeps are gonna be pissed when they find out they can’t wear them while performing their weekly community service on the highways in big urnge cuntry……