Which SEC quarterbacks are positioned to be the best passers on contested targets?

I watched the linked video in hopes of discovering more Newman porn, but came away thinking there isn’t going to be a lot of great quarterback play in the SEC this season.

The good news is that the gap between Newman and the top passer in the conference is likely to be smaller than the gap between Fromm and Tua/Burrow was in 2019.  Shrinkage, for the win!


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3 responses to “Which SEC quarterbacks are positioned to be the best passers on contested targets?

  1. I am strongly of the belief that there will no gap between Newman and the top passers in the SEC this season. He will firmly among them.


    • Down Island Way

      Should time allow the 2020 season (?) to take place, “Hello Newman” will see a lot of talented student athletes during the practice sessions (1st/2nd team “D”/scout team “D”)….this will help him and the WR room progress plus the OC


      • Busta

        I’m 100% for player/student health and safety. But after having a coworker who’s an athlete, body builder, mother and 39 test positive and still not miss a beat…I feel very hopeful for the young and healthy athletes who have tested positive as well for those who will (inevitable). I used to joke about this virus being like a zombie outbreak, but even before this hitting so close (I now must be tested because of our proximity) I now see this as our normal part of our lives moving forward like many other diseases.

        I don’t think they’ll cut the season short unless there’s so many teams in which players refuse to play at all. I’m not giving in to the virus or the way society is moving forward, but people in my profession (military) have no choice to push forward regardless. I wonder what tone or attitude will be taken for not only sports, but everything else. Till then, I’ll still wear my mask, wash my hands, say my prayers, eat my vitamins and refrain from licking door knobs. Oh, and this offense is going to be absolutely nasty…we all know it.