Your Daily Gator finds the silver lining in the COVID cloud.

Shorter random Swamp247 commenter:  It’s a season when recruiting doesn’t matter that the Portal Master™’s coaching genius will really shine.


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9 responses to “Your Daily Gator finds the silver lining in the COVID cloud.

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Isn’t that basically the idiot reasoning behind all the idiot pundits picking that idiot to finally beat Kirby?

    … Idiots.


  2. J-Dawg

    Suffers from a terminal case of the “dumbass”.


  3. Sanford222view

    Bless their hearts…


  4. Spike

    It’s sounds like these booger eaters are trying to convince themselves more than they want to convince the rest of us of how great Mullen is.

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  5. Gaskilldawg

    Guess he or she is counting on the SEC bring back freshmen teams


  6. DaveinAZ

    But. But…..” Everyone sees his genius on coaching , development side”

    And after two paragraphs explaining why coaching>recruiting he writes this…

    ”Long way of saying UF in great hands with Mullen if he can get the recruiting machine upgraded a few notches”

    Genius indeed!


  7. Macallanlover

    Have to admit, I have trouble keeping a straight face and not laugh out loud thinking about the FU commenter actually typing that with a straight face. I wish they would give us an actual example of these developmental skills they continually refer to. Couldn’t be Franks? Most of their successes at FU has been with transfers, not kids that chose FU in HS and arrived as a piece of clay for the master to mold. MSU before Dancing Danny arrived was about the same as while he was there, and also when he left. He accomplished nothing of note. I honestly don’t recall anything about Dak’s recruitment, or skill level coming in, but if Coach Ofer worked magic with him, it would be the only player he did so with….not exactly a whisperer of any kind.


    • Down Island Way

      Mac, the FU hc whispers cause he doesn’t know what’s coming out of his face…it’s more like a mumbling ass wipe, if you will….the media types can’t understand, so they just start typing what ever crap they thought he would spew…hence the wrong wrist band thing, pure evidence right there…he’s mumbling away, the wr’s couldn’t understand what he’s mumbling about, so they just said “let’s wear pink”….he’s stumbling mumbling a purple whisper play…annnyyyyway, let the FU hc whisper on…..#FTMF


  8. RangerRuss

    I had an acquaintance that killed a 12 point buck. Beautiful quartering away shot through the heart and broke its shoulder. He admitted to missing it standing still and got him on the last shot in his Remington 742 as he was running away. Blind damn luck is the only way Fat Mike was able to kill that magnificent creature. But he was out there banging away in all his glorious incompetence until he finally succeeded and has the big trophy animal head hanging on the wall staring back at you.
    That’s cousin Eddie The Portal Master and the gaytards. They’ll keep banging away and eventually they’ll get lucky maybe one shot out of five. Their trashy fans will proclaim Mullet a genius and run their snaggle tooth pieholes for another year. Then reality will smack ’em in their mouths and order will be restored.
    Or maybe not. CKS hates those assholes even more than we. I don’t envision him looking past that particular game ever.