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Numero uno

A while back, I wondered where Todd Monken would finish on Football Scoop’s 20 most important assistant coaching hires of 2020.

Welp, here you go.

This is, of course, where Monken comes in.

Monken’s rise to prominence came in 2011, when he became the offensive coordinator of what turned out to be the best Oklahoma State team of all-time. Those Cowboys averaged 48.7 points a game in a 12-1 season, winning the Big 12 title and the Fiesta Bowl and losing only at Iowa State in double overtime. That success won him the Southern Miss head coaching job, where he turned an 1-11 team into a 9-5 team in three years’ time…

Georgia’s revamped offense doesn’t necessarily need to rack up 8,526 yards and 726 points, as LSU did a year ago. As long as Monken gets the Bulldogs within barking distance of those numbers, Georgia is likely your 2020 national champion.



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“We just have elected to not do it at this point.”

Shorter Greg McGarity on the pandemic front:  We can’t tell you what the test results show because we’re being consistent with the rule we made that we can’t tell you what the test results show.

Maybe he just wants to keep the bookmakers straight.


UPDATE:  No worries, mon.


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Don’t cry for me, Tuscaloosa.

Jeez, I hope your butt never hurts as much as Roll Bama Roll’s Josh Chatham’s does.

You can also forgive the rest of the country for perpetually laughing at Georgia fans, Brandon. Besides the items listed, Kirby took Alabama’s recruiting board with him to use against Alabama when he left, took Glenn Schumann and Mel Tucker to run Saban’s defense, implemented the Fourth Quarter program, started a public spat over Maurice Smith, and has done his level best to recreate Alabama’s fan experience in Athens. He also stole Jake Fromm and then Carson Beck, and for both we are thankful.

His first mistake was assuming that a guy working at a site called Dawgnation was actually speaking for Georgia fans as a collective group.

Man, that “Kirby took Alabama’s recruiting board” still gets a work out, doesn’t it?  I guess they think he’s too dumb to remember what he worked on continuously for like three years without a written reminder.


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Hello again, Newman.

Work out.

That he is.  Looks like he’s enjoying himself, too.


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“Current UF Projection: #9-#10”

This is a link to a Swamp247 post, but it’s not fuel for a Daily Gator post here.  Instead, it’s a reasonable, detailed projection of where Florida is likely to finish in the Composite recruiting standings with its 2021 class.  [SPOILER:  Several spots below Georgia.]

There are summaries of all the usual suspects.  If you like getting into the recruiting weeds, it’s a good read.


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“They could call it a pledge, they could call it a waiver, they could call it a release, they could call it a cantaloupe.”

The first lawsuit where a school raises one of these cantaloupes as a bar to a damages claim arising out of COVID-19 is gonna be interesting.

And, yes, I probably misspelled “ugly” at the end of that sentence.

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Your Daily Gator don’t need no stinking stars.

I swear, these people are something else sometimes.

Screenshot_2020-06-22 9810219 jpeg (JPEG Image, 1242 × 1874 pixels) - Scaled (50%)

The Portal Master™ isn’t just a top recruiter.  He’s an Absolutely Top Recruiter.  (Just so you know, the only level above Absolutely Top Recruiter is ABSOLUTELY TOP RECRUITER, so Mullen’s still got some room to grow.)

I read stuff like this and ask myself, did we really sound like this 10-20 years ago?  Then I get embarrassed for us.


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Musical palate cleanser, tasty treat edition

In last week’s comments section for the post about the newly named Mayo Bowl, someone mentioned a uniquely Southern duo.  There’s actually a song about it, and it’s pretty damned catchy.

Everything’s gonna be alright.


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