Numero uno

A while back, I wondered where Todd Monken would finish on Football Scoop’s 20 most important assistant coaching hires of 2020.

Welp, here you go.

This is, of course, where Monken comes in.

Monken’s rise to prominence came in 2011, when he became the offensive coordinator of what turned out to be the best Oklahoma State team of all-time. Those Cowboys averaged 48.7 points a game in a 12-1 season, winning the Big 12 title and the Fiesta Bowl and losing only at Iowa State in double overtime. That success won him the Southern Miss head coaching job, where he turned an 1-11 team into a 9-5 team in three years’ time…

Georgia’s revamped offense doesn’t necessarily need to rack up 8,526 yards and 726 points, as LSU did a year ago. As long as Monken gets the Bulldogs within barking distance of those numbers, Georgia is likely your 2020 national champion.


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15 responses to “Numero uno

  1. Russ

    Damn, we picked the wrong year for a pandemic. I’d really like to see this team play a full season.

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  2. Dawg1

    And of course, the most Georgia thing ever…cancelled season due to a virus!

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  3. Argondawg

    This should have come with a NSFW tag after our offensive woes last season. If he is what this guy says he is then I may have to develop a man crush and that is not how I roll.


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    And yet the rocket scientists over there on SDS led by Michael Wayne Bratton have him as the 10th best playcaller in the SEC.

    No guesses to y’all on whom is ranked No. 2; the coach they all love over there, facts and reality be damned.


  5. MGW

    Moderate offensive improvement will be enough to make us dangerous. Significant improvement will make us unstoppable.

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  6. It’s not that the UGA “OC” sounds mono tone, just kinda even keel…not gonna’ get excited cause he knows what to expect with that play (player groupings) versus that d, then the next play….not that i admire the HUNH, last years UGA QB had success in it and you kinda’ see UGA’s “OC” going a little faster in the play calling, when possible….ya hope that the lsu ass whippin’ has propelled Kirb’s into a little more of the managing coach….let them match us, if the “O” can score (21-28) with the “D” barely breaking a sweat (allowing 7-10) plus special teams playing even (scoring 6-13)……


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Aw hell, and I already showered once today…


  8. Spike

    Hubba Hubba!


  9. UGA '97

    So what’s his idea of “barking distance” in terms # of points expected/needed then?


  10. Timphd

    “I think balance is multiple skill players touching the football,” he said in Cleveland. “It’s not always run-pass. Do you have enough skill players that can touch the football? If you have a run play with an RPO built in it, that’s a play. That’s not run-pass. The efficiency of that play is what matters, not who touched it. Sometimes we get caught up in run yards, pass yards; it’s efficiency of what you do, being explosive, not turning it over, scoring touchdowns.” Music to these old Dawg ears.

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  11. spur21

    Ran across this today – pretty slick