Your Daily Gator don’t need no stinking stars.

I swear, these people are something else sometimes.

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The Portal Master™ isn’t just a top recruiter.  He’s an Absolutely Top Recruiter.  (Just so you know, the only level above Absolutely Top Recruiter is ABSOLUTELY TOP RECRUITER, so Mullen’s still got some room to grow.)

I read stuff like this and ask myself, did we really sound like this 10-20 years ago?  Then I get embarrassed for us.


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  1. Cynical Dawg

    “Come on Craig, we absolutely top flight recruiter…not just the city, but the world, Craig.”

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  2. mwo

    FRMFs and all that but I don’t think it’s a good look what Carroll did with the trolling. Seems like something the handbags would have done.


  3. Scuba

    Everyday they become who we were. All this preseason chomping by a fan base whose coach has never beaten a UGA team coached by the man they mock is music to my ears.
    Assuming we have a season it would be the most UGA thing ever to win the NC in a year marked forever with an asterisk.

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  4. Holy shit…UGA is in gap closing trouble now, the FU hc got him a crew, CKS just has a very good/excellent crootin’ staff plus analysts as support (past/present)…#FTMF


  5. Did we really sound like that? I mean we made fun of whoever the head lizard was, sure. I don’t remember any of us here anointing CMR as an ATR. We always had something to bitch about whether we were blaming Bobo (he worked for CMR. Any failings Bobo had were CMR’s responsibility) or bitching about sketchy O-line recruiting. I think that back in the day even though we truly hated them most of us were aware of our programs flaws. The gators have gone on full on around the bend delusional.

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  6. Ran A

    Yes we did…


    • Ran A

      We made excuses; we blamed refs, we kept saying, we’ll get over the hump and we never quite made it there in the great years, fell short in most of the good years and have a couple of really bad years. I do not put all of that on CMR – the administration’s support was mediocre ‘at best’. CMR did exactly what they wanted – he made the a crap load of money, kept the program competitive enough, while everyone else ran circles around us in facility upgrades, coaching support, etc.


  7. spur21

    WTF of course Mullen had a high number of “significant contributions” from lower rated players since he didn’t have any high rated players. I’m stunned by their stupidity.

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  8. That posts reminds me of when we play a cupcake and the announcers are like “look out for their safety, John Doe, he was the top tackler on their team last year.”

    Every team has a top tackler.

    If Mullen can’t recruit 5* then yeah a lot of contributors are going to be 3*. It’s math.

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  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I still say they’re more us from 20-25 years ago. They’re in the midst of their Jim Donnan years. You know, hire a head coach who did what appeared to be some impressive things with lesser talent and ask him to come in and recruit and compete with the big boys only to find him woefully unprepared to do so.

    Shit, Sideshow Dan the Clown even managed to win 10 regular season games for the first time in his head coaching history in his second year, just like Donnan was able to win 10 regular season games in his second year. Albeit, Donnan did beat the ‘turds for his only time while MuLLLen added another “L” to his name.

    Cousin Eddie is not their Mark Richt. He’s their Jim Donnan.

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  10. practicaldawg

    Let’s be thankful CFB message boards didn’t exist in the 90s so there’s no archive

    Also, it may be time to retire Portal Master and adopt Absolutely Top Recruiter.


    • Actually, the Dawg Vent was alive and kicking in the late ’90s. The reaction from half the crowd there after the win in the ’97 Cocktail Party made me cringe at the time and it’s a good thing there is no surviving archive. 😉

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      • “Cringe” as in we were making insane predictions about future sustained success, both against UF and the sport writ large? Oh yeah, I was that guy. Same thing when Quincy had that great game against LSU, and I was still as immature a fan of the sport that I believed that meant we were at least the number three team in the country based on LSU’s ranking. Oh yeah, many stupid things said. I think my true baptism – if I may use that analogy – in the sport came in 2000, the South Carolina game that spawned the greatest Lou Holtz quote ever: “the zone blitz is not new to college football, but it was new to Quincy Carter.” That’s when I realized there was no God, there were no guarantees that we would EVER win another natty, and although this fact is true in the sport as a whole, there is something about the team in Athens that seems to enchant you just well enough to shatter your heart.


        • My favorite DV take after that Florida game was “Spurrier knows there’s a new sheriff in town”. That take didn’t age particularly well.

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          • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)


            Yeah… tell me THAT doesn’t sound like Floriduh fans now, re: MuLLLen.

            Seriously, they sound like that now, and he’s not even beaten us yet!


          • Sony Michel’s run that finished the Rose Bowl reminds me a lot of that TD by Robert Edwards in 1997 down the left sideline that finished off Florida. Different play-call, different down and distance, but they both include that moment of pure ecstasy when you see the running lane open up, and realize the Dawgs just won the game. Would have loved to hear Munson’s call of Michel’s run. .


          • Dawg1

            True, aged well until 2 weeks later v. Auburn!


        • Normaltown Mike

          oh gosh, after the LSU game, I was ready to give QC the Heisman and call off the rest of the season.

          Then Tennessee came in and bludgeoned us like Henry Hill did to Karen’s neighbor w/ that pistol in GOODFELLAS. There was some hard drinking after that game.


  11. Normaltown Mike

    As far as recruiting goes, I recall the story in the CMR era was all about “putting a fence around Georgia” and less concerned with the rankings per se, though they were always goodish.

    This wasn’t wholly foolish but probably was the old axiom about generals always fighting the last war they lost. Tennessee in particular had raided us in the 90’s and throughout the 2K’s, you could point to a top flight recruit at FSU or Auburn and say “if only we hadn’t missed on that guy….”


  12. “Then I get embarrassed for us.” Jeez, Senator that’s a whole lot of self-flagellation right there. Just enjoy their self-delusion no need to worry about the past…its gone. Besides, we really were not anywhere near as bad as these guys are now. We grasped that we were not as talented as UF during the Old ballsack’s era but we went and hoped and got the gift of 1997. Hines takes out two UF defenders on Edwards fourth touchdown. As glorious a victory as I ever had the pleasure of attending. It is only icing on the cake that it was probably as poorly a coached game on Spurrier’s part as I’ve ever witnessed . All they had to do to beat us that day was feed Taylor all day and they would have won but instead the legend in his own mind kept changing QB’s and throwing while Taylor was averaging probably 7 yards a carry.

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