How does Marco Rubio’s NIL bill suck?

Let Matt Brown count the ways.

If you’re looking for the obvious tell as to whom Rubio seeks to serve with his bill, look no further than here:

If the practice of prohibiting an athlete from owning and monetizing their name, image and likeness is unjust, then it stands to reason that it would be unjust for everybody, not just NCAA athletes . Florida’s bill, for example, extends protections to every college student, including players at junior colleges and NAIA institutions.

From Rubio’s bill:

(4) INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.—The term ‘‘intercollegiate athletic association’’— 15 (A) means— 16 (i) the National Collegiate Athletic 17 Association (or any successor organization); and 19 (ii) any intercollegiate athletic association that the Commission determines is 21 similar in purpose and scope to the association described in clause (i), subject to 23 subparagraph (B); and 24 (B) does not include the National Junior 25 College Athletic Association (or any successor 3 SIL20711 S.L.C. 62F Y9 YNM 1 organization) or the National Association of 2 Intercollegiate Athletics (or any successor organization).

This clause makes me think Senator Rubio does not see NIL control as a civil rights issue, or a rights issue at all, but as a concern specific to the NCAA governing structure.

‘Ya think?


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4 responses to “How does Marco Rubio’s NIL bill suck?

  1. spur21

    Yet another floundering politician.


  2. If the article reads like the snippet posted I’ll pass. I may be a tad hungover and already have a headache….


  3. Ken Wilkinson

    Line 18 is missing


  4. Uh huh. So it seems.