Reports of the demise of the Alabama dynasty may be premature.

If Georgia gets the “Florida’s closing the gap!” narrative thrown in its face on a regular basis, I have to say ‘Bama gets some of the same treatment.  And, sure, 2019 was a comparative downer, as the Tide finished with two regular season losses for the first time in a while and missed the SECCG to boot, but when you’re projected to have five of the conference’s ten best players (with two more on the “Also Considered” list), you’re not exactly washed up yet.


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24 responses to “Reports of the demise of the Alabama dynasty may be premature.

  1. MGW

    People are just ready for it to be over. It isn’t. If it somehow ends before Saban retires, it will have been God’s will.

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  2. spur21

    We are much closer to Bama than FU is to us so there is that.


  3. Scott

    Let alone noticing the NFL draft.


  4. Ran A

    What Saban has done at Alabama is remarkable. As long as he is at Bama, Bama will dominate the West. LSU (much more talented than UF) will push them and we can expect A&M to be a thorn in their side, and then there is ‘every 5 years’ Auburn.

    The real question is how long Saban stays. He turns 69 on Halloween. He’s done it all – really. Now you stay because it’s fun. When it stops being fun – you walk away.

    Not sure if this fan bases appreciate the unique place in college football history Saban has placed them in. Bama has built an infrastructure that should keep them incredibly competitive. But short of pulling Dabo out of Clemson – that program will drop down a notch, maybe two, when Saban retires. But until that day; they will stay right there at the top.

    Should be great theatre when he steps down…


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Hard to believe a program can keep losing guys like Kirby, Cochran, and countless others and it hardly registers a blip on the Richter scale, same with the players.

    The great thing for us is that Kirby is heading in the same direction.


  6. They scare me as much as any team right now, even w Mac Jones at QB. They will be pissed off and motivated.

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  7. Dawg in Austin

    Moses will be better by season’s end. He’ll barely be a year after his ACL injury on Sept. 19. Mac Jones ain’t top 10. They’re still a great team, but I do think we’ve caught them in overall talent and it comes down to matchups and coaching now.


  8. RangerRuss

    It’s not as if Bama or Sabanocchio have lost a step. Other teams have simply caught up to near their talent level and they’ve experienced some bad breaks. Lil Nickie understands his place in college football history and needs another NC or two to seal his legacy as the GOAT. I sure would like to see the Dawgs deny him those championships. Tide tears lube my gears.


  9. UGA '97

    lists…they just mean more. until the dogs correct the market this fall.


  10. Jack

    I get your point, Senator. However, we should probably take into a account that the list does include Trask in the top 5 and an honorable mention to Franks.

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  11. SlobberKnocker

    I’m sure that the Bammers are tired of hearing that mantra and I completely understand. Since the 2017 season showed great promise and a dual with Bama seemed likely, I have been saying that if you want to be the king, you have to beat the king. That still holds as we haven’t done it (I know, I know). Last year not withstanding, we have to beat Bama if we want to reach the top. Likewise, we are the kings of our division and Florida has to beat us if they want to take the throne.

    That being said, I agree with Spur above that we are much closer to Bama than Florida is to us. I know you have to win on the field but the recruiting rankings and blue chip ratios support this.