The SEC’s not so Year of the Quarterback

As much as we mock Kyle Trask, I have to say I do get some of the praise thrown his way.  Last season was the first time in his career he was asked to be the week in, week out starter and he didn’t spit the bit, finishing in the top three in the conference in passer rating.  He’s got a coach who, again, despite the mockery, does a good job of playing to his skill set.  So, while I’m not proclaiming he’s on track for a Heisman-type season, he’s more than functional at his position.

One reason for the hype he’s getting is because the competition from his conference peers is so modest.  While I get why Trask is praised, you know whom I don’t get the praise for?  This guy.


BCR: 50 percent

Quarterback: Fighter Pilot

Kellen Mond is as dumbfounding as any quarterback in the country. In the span of consecutive plays, his play can vacillate between No. 1 pick and undraftable. But the upside is why he’s in the fighter pilot category to me. If things click this fall, Mond has the ability to lead Texas A&M wherever it wants to go. Of course, this fighter pilot could also crash the jet into the side of the mountain but at least he’s got the tools to fly it.

Here are Mond’s passer ratings (conference rank in parenthesis) in three years as a starter in the SEC:

  • 2017:  108.76 (13th)
  • 2018:  134.98 (10th)
  • 2019:  131.11 (7th)

I’m not seeing a helluva lot of No. 1 pick in there.  And keep in mind he’s being coached by one of the supposedly great quarterback whisperers in college football.  Just to remind you, Trask, who is referred to in the same article as a “bus driver”, finished with a passer rating 25 points higher than Mond.

Oh, and here’s one more example of why this year’s crop of SEC quarterbacks is less than impressive.

Jarrett Guarantano.  Jarrett Guarantano.

Meet the other side of the Guarantano coin.

So, yeah, I get the pundit love for Trask.  My money is still on Costello for first team All-SEC by seasons’ end, though.


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10 responses to “The SEC’s not so Year of the Quarterback

  1. Ran A

    Trask is a very good QB. And Mullen does a good job of working with what he has to work with. I get the argument that Strask will be even better, with pretty much a full season under his belt. QB isn’t UF’s problem. It’s the same problem they have had since Mullen got to Gainesville. They do not have a proven running back. Maybe the 5 Star that transferred from Miami will prove to be the difference. And maybe that C+ O-Line will play above their heads all year as a unit and go injury free (depth is also an issue here).

    UF can get away with being one-dimensional against most of the teams they play this year. But not against LSU and not against Georgia. And I still believe that UT and Kentucky are very real threats in beating UF this year.

    Awful lot of pressure to win in Gainesville (and nationally this year). Lot to ask from a team that still needs to develop more depth, a weak running back room and a good (but no longer great) receiving room.

    We’ll see…


    • 123fakest

      Trask is not a “very good qb.” LOL.


      • Macallanlover

        You are right, he isn’t “very good” by any standards. Trask is not abysmal, but to call him VG you have to confused about rating folks. Like the guy who said his HC is good working with what he has…oh, wait…same guy? Yeah, Dancing Danny has really racked up the titles in the past decade. Keep excusing this clown, his next title banner will be his first….after a decade. Geez! At this rate he will end up up in the HOF for college coaches and yet to win a damn thing. Why does everyone feel the need to prop this guy up? Let him earn his way.


    • They are hurting bad at the run game, but dont tell any “writers”


  2. College coaches hitch their stars to student athletes recruited, based on results some coaches survive others not so much…given a 7/8 win 2020 season (?) my curiosity is expanded to the barners and that ta&m (plus AD’s) experiment…those respective qb’s carry their coaches nut sack every snap, considering the kinda green thrown at these coaches for what they did yesterday, ya might see an uprising in malcontents plus those that stroke those checks…but then, who ya gonna throw more green at to replace ’em


  3. SouthernYank

    Guarantano is so New Jersey it’s comical. He stinks.


  4. RangerRuss

    I’m not the type to break down film. But I watched a bit of Trask & co. against UVA this morning on SEC Network. Matt and others who’ve stated that Trask is lucky not have thrown more interceptions are correct. Even the silly announcers made note of that repeatedly.
    My confidence in a Dawgs fourth straight victory against the gator trash is unwavering. If Trask is the best QB in the East it’s going to be a sad year indeed for overall QB play.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    With history as a barometer, I find it difficult to believe Trask can significantly improve his numbers – almost 67% completions, with 25 TDs and only 7 Ints. He could get more TDs assuming he gets more snaps, but improving that completion % gets very tough once you hit the 65+% range. Perine was by far their #1 rusher at 676 yds and #3 with receptions. Lost Jefferson and Swain too (#2 and #4 with receptions). Plus they lost key players on D.

    The question is whether fu can simply plug in returnees and newbees without any drop off. Underwhelming recruiting and attrition has its effects. They squeaked out some close games last year. I could see them winning 10 of 12, but can also see them losing 4 of 12.

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  6. Normaltown Mike

    Is this the same Guarantano that was benched against us last year, to make way for[s a true freshman?

    As for Mond, if past performance is an indication of future improvement, he should go from 7th in QBR to [squints eyes] 4th….not exactly setting the woods on fire


  7. I really liked Mond, until I didn’t. So I get this article.