“This year the idea of a road game might not mean anything.”

Pete Fiutak discusses the over/under on Georgia’s win total for this season.  It’s a good, quick listen.

I got a chuckle out of the question about the Auburn game at the end of that clip.  You’re not alone, buddy.  Most of us still wonder about that, too.


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3 responses to ““This year the idea of a road game might not mean anything.”

  1. The UGA ad is here to help out, kiss buttocks, open doors and will even get your favorite adult beverage for you… good thing is you don’t even have to ask, your thought is his command….at least the muppets had character, this sock puppet, not so much


  2. Macallanlover

    I think Tusky is as tough as anywhere in the country to play a high profile game, this year it will not be. Still think UGA offense will not be ready for that test early in the season, but you couldn’t have picked a better time to play Bama in their place. UGA has a better chance of winning the regular season game than they did 4 months ago, imo. I still believe our best chance will be in ATL in December.


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    For what it’s Worth:
    I find it hard to see any credibility with anything that Mickey’s flagship station states. As far as the magazines out there Lindy’s, Street and Smith, Athlon’s, Sporting News, Phil Steele’s ( if you want to order over the net ) and Sports Illustrated have all the same bottom line. Make money, betting lines and sell magazines. Some may a bit more reliable than others in information but in the end most all of us here can name a Top Five in the country. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and Oklahoma so I won’t being listening to ESPN’s hat on backward, hip hop commentary. Neither will I be forking out $14..99+ shipping for any magazines.
    I won’t be betting on any games and won’t be betting there will be a season either. The PGA has started back and 2 players and a caddy through tomorrow’s event in Connecticut has contracted the virus. That is of course without fans. Although after watching some of Hilton Head on TV there were fans on private property. One golfer described the tournament as a zoo.
    So if there is no football the economy tanks even more. Businesses are folding left and right now. The one bright stop if the season doesn’t happen ESPN/Disney folds. (Disney parks are set to reopen mid July) Hot spots include Florida, Texas, California and Arizona. Two of those four are home to Mickey’s playground. All four states have numerous NCCA schools that will be kicking off or not.
    Just asking for a friend. Who or will you be betting on ?

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