A measure of mediocrity

So, David Hale tweeted this today:

He also tweeted a link to a spreadsheet he compiled listing all 65 P5 offenses.  Care to guess where Georgia fell?  Answer here.

If you’re too lazy to look it up, well, it was 6.04, good for 28th.  Five SEC teams, including Florida and Tennessee, did better.

At least Coley was better than Georgia Tech.



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11 responses to “A measure of mediocrity

  1. LSU’s offense was so absurdly good last year. I know we’re living in an era where CFB offenses are getting the best of CFB defenses, but my goodness… what LSU did a year ago was just stupid. And they did it against some really good defenses. Auburn, Clemson, UGA, Alabama, Florida, etc… I’m not sure we’re going to see an offense that ruthless for a while.


    • Russ

      I think it was the best I’ve ever seen. Like you said, they played some pretty good defenses and just ate them up.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes they were outstanding, yes the best I have ever seen. And they were that good every week, starting with Week 1 and ending in the MNC game, they ate you up, and spit you out. No matter what you threw at them, they had the answer, It wasn’t just the play calling, or the QB, or the receiver corp, not the OL, or the running back; that offense was like a well tuned symphony who could hit every note, on cue. Have to tip your hat to what came together in Red Stick last season, it was great to watch. That it wasn’t the product of any one, or two, super human beings made it that more impressive. I could never really name the most dominant team I had seen in CFB, now I have my answer. Bravo! (I realize their defense had some gaps early on when they were missing players, but the offense was good enough to carry them. Then they got the missing guys back and it was a mismatch for them in every game.)


  2. chopdawg

    Coley was better than Ga Tech? Did the players on the field have anything to do with our offense last year?

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  3. 79Dawg

    Speaking of mediocre, how bout that oven mitt!


  4. LSU, if you get a 1st down on every down, then you dont need to get a first down.

    Geez that team was ridiculous. And I considered Coach O a moron. But he sure hired right