Musical palate cleanser, boom, baby edition

Get your Monday morning shakin’ with The Gap Band.

The camo really makes the video, no?


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5 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, boom, baby edition

  1. trbodawg

    Hearing the song takes me back to High School, luckily I don’t remember that video 🙂


  2. BA Baracus

    Now this is a trip on the way-back machine…. My youth-league basketball team was called the “bombers” and this was our PA-music for pre-game warm-ups.


  3. Russ

    Ahhh….one of our wedding reception songs. She dropped a bomb on me, indeed!


    • RangerRuss

      The Gap Band didn’t get any time on the radio in my car and I don’t remember it at wedding receptions I attended. But I certainly heard it at night clubs especially the ones where fallen angels spun on brass poles. Ahh memories…


  4. Morris Day

    That’s funkier than a plate of chitlins and collard greens!