Tide lives matter

When you’re the mayor of a small Alabama town, you can threaten the lives of gay and transgender folks without suffering any serious consequences, but, buddy, when you take on Nick Saban and the Alabama football program, it’s a totally different story.

It’s an old story, too.




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9 responses to “Tide lives matter

  1. Muttley

    After reading his posted comments, I think it’s clear he was educated in-state. Reedin’ an’ ritin’ matter too, Allabammer!


  2. ASEF

    Hmm. Behavior and picture scream, “Substance abuse problem.”

    Hope he finds a good sponsor at AA.


  3. Cojones

    Yeah, he’s a sweetheart alright. Last time I heard those words, it was in the 60s and was considered a holdover from the 50s. This shit never stops with some rednecks when they spout their form of bravado.

    I grew up with such arrogant boasts on a daily basis and more so when Albany became a focus of racial unrest.

    It’s so old and ignorant that I hope this inane culture’s dick falls off. Not one bit of recognition that his state’s foray into modern culture was led by their football team and that’s true for most of the old south. I mean, how can you disavow the color of your favorite college football player that you cheered lustily each Saturday in the Fall?

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  4. Ben

    Kirby made a nice little statement written in the Notes app of his phone, but since then he and our AA have been lapped by both Muschamp walking with his guys and this video out of Tuscaloosa.

    It’s not a good look, imo.


    • Classic City Canine

      Yup. I agree. Even Dabo has managed to do more. Dan Lanning and his boys released a great video on their own, but I’d like to see more official action from Kirby and Co.