You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Michigan State has put football season ticket sales on hold and has done the fair thing for those who have already bought season tickets.

MSU is giving those who already paid for season tickets three options: opt out and convert their payments to donations to the Spartan Fund; roll over their payments for 2021 and not attend this fall or receive full refunds for the upcoming season.

‪Also, the option still exists for those who paid and do want tickets or have paid a deposit to proceed as planned and wait for revised procedures. No action is required.

As far as being fan friendly goes, that’s the gold standard.  Let’s see how many schools eventually wind up falling short of that.



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6 responses to “You pays your money and you takes your choice.

  1. sniffer

    That gold standard has a red hot poker up, well, you know where. MSU has been in the news for ALL the wrong reasons the past five odd years and the alumni and fan base has paid dearly for negative perception and outright administrative blunders. It’s my opinion that MSU is not as generous as it is self serving. They’ve heard quite enough from the the supporters. This time, they hope it’s positive feed back.

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  2. Normaltown Mike

    this is a pretty good approach.

    As for Sanford Stadium, I wonder how many season ticket holders in the lower bowl will just stubhub their tickets though?

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    • Chuck

      Here’s the possible issue with that thought. What if the powers decide to only allow 25-30% of capacity, and to accomplish that all ticket holders are limited to 2 of the 6 home games, 3-4 of which are junk? And do not forget the ticket office plan in that scenario will be to pre-group seats in 2, 4, and 6 seat arrangements to ensure social distancing – not in your normal section/row. When would you find out which games and the seat locations you are being assigned? How will that translate to listing on StubHub?

      Then presume GM gives the option of prorated refunds of ticket cost and “donation” because of the reduced capacity and games offered, or the Michigan State option for full refunds or rollover to next year. Presuming there is no penalty or forfeiture of priority and current seat locations, I believe there will be many who just opt to sit out this year and watch whatever games are played on TV.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Georgia will fall short of that. We know it. It is simply not in our sonovabitch AD’s nature.


  4. The Georgia Way redux

    Rest assured, we’ll communicate with our customers when we feel like it. We’ve had their money for months, so there’s no sense of urgency from our end. We’re making some nice interest on that money too, so we want to refund it as late as possible.

    Everything’s fine and we plan on packed stadiums in 2 months. We will change from that approach if we have to but it will be as late as possible. Everyone needs to just relax a little bit and let us handle it. We’re very happy with the way we do things and you should be too.

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  5. Macallanlover

    “making some nice interest on that money” Now that is where you see McDoofus’ nose grow significantly longer with a statement like that. I hit a grand slam last summer getting a 2%+ rate on a conventional Money Market for a full year when high end CDs were barely at that mark. I have about 5 more weeks to decide where to move that because the banker who locked me in at that rate laughs when I suggest we let it ride. So whatever reason McDoofus uses, it had better be something more believable than that.

    Sparty is doing it right, who would expect our “AD” to treat loyal fans that way. He should be grateful anyone ponies up for season tickets for the schedule he provides. The more people who try focusing their efforts on premier games, and stay at home for the rest, the quicker season tickets become dinosaurs. It was happening at an accelerating pace before the current craziness. UGA needs a person with vision putting a team together to prepare for the new reality, not a guy who continually swings and misses on anything challenging.