Your Daily Gator reads Athlon, is impressed.

What starts out as a fair reference to Florida’s 2020 schedule edge turns into a victory lap for the coaching excellence of the Portal Master™.

There is certainly some legitimacy to the thought that the Florida Gators football schedule for 2020 is easier than it has been in some time and some have said it is the easiest in the Southeastern Conference this year. All the teams on that schedule have to be coached by someone and sure enough it turns out that only three of the SEC’s top eight coaches are coaching any of the eight SEC teams the Gators are facing in 2020.

The ranking of the list of coaches I am drawing from comes from Athlon Sports’ magazine and the annual summer blitz that they offer for college football fans has Florida head coach Dan Mullen riding second on that list of coaches this time around. With Alabama’s Nick Saban in the pole position of the coaching rankings and the Crimson Tide not on the schedule in 2020 that means Mullen is ranked ahead of every other coach on the schedule.

The top name on the list is Georgia’s Kirby Smart who resides just behind Mullen in the ranking at No. 3 in the SEC.

In head coaching matchups, Dan Mullen is 0-3 against Kirby Smart.  According to ESPN’s preseason FPI, Florida has a projected 37.3% chance of beating Georgia this season.

At the No. 4 spot is a guy that started out middle of the pack in his first few years at his current program including a 6-2 mark as the interim coach at LSU when Les Miles was let go in 2016.

In head coaching matchups, Dan Mullen is 2-2 against Ed Orgeron.  Also, unlike Mullen, Coach O wears a national championship ring he earned as a head coach.  According to ESPN’s preseason FPI, Florida has a projected 45.6% chance of beating LSU this season.

And the third and last of the top coaches of teams that the Gators and Dan Mullen will face in 2020 is Kentucky’s Mark Stoops at No. 7.

In head coaching matchups, Dan Mullen holds a 5-2 record against Mark Stoops.  One of those two losses, though, came in the Swamp and ended a 31-game losing streak.  (FPI likes Florida’s chances against Kentucky, to be fair.)

You can see why the Portal Master™ enjoys the reputation he has among the Gator faithful.  Athlon, too.


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9 responses to “Your Daily Gator reads Athlon, is impressed.

  1. Given the building consensus that the Handbags are going to Atlanta, I assume the pundit class thinks we lose both cross-divisional games. I’m not convinced that the defending national champions don’t go into Hogtown and beat them. If that happens, MuLLLet still has to find a way to beat Kirby. I just don’t see it happening.


  2. practicaldawg

    If Mullen can win 10 games and get UF to another bowl — any bowl — I’m projecting that he moves ahead of Saban on this list next year. He’s just that good.

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  3. Ran A

    Works for me… Little more subtle pressure on the Portal Master. He expects his team to go undefeated. He has most of the pundits picking his Gators over Georgia. 247 has them in the Top 4 at the end of the year. Everyone talks about how weak their schedule is.

    What happens if the Gators go 9-3? Losing to Georgia, LSU and (UT or Kentucky)?

    The best part of this is the guy himself. I’ve always been a under promise, over deliver guy. This guy’s ego just doesn’t allow that. Really going to enjoy this season – provided there is a complete one.


    • practicaldawg

      Not possible. The media has assigned zero probability of Mullen dropping a game outside of Jacksonville in 2020. When you’re at the level of Dan Mullen, you just have to get off the bus. You can whisper any QB to a win.

      Mullen doesn’t need to recruit Jimmies and Joes since he’s got all the Xs and Os.


  4. Salty Dawg

    They need to ease up on the weed. Jesu Christe!


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    The CFB punditry have lost their damn minds. It’s one thing to pick Floriduh to win the division because you’re bored. It’s another to actually convince yourself that Sideshow Dan the Clown is a better coach than Kirby.

    These assholes will have much to answer for on All Saint’s Day. Their sins will be laid bare.


  6. Cojones

    Did they read Athlon’s position rankings also? Even the QB position was rated better for UGA after the D was shown to rank higher than our O-line. Can’t help but smirk when I see the RB position ranked lower than FU.

    Boy, if we play FU, they are in for the surprise of their fans’ lives.


    • As the Senator likes to feed the GTP crowd…data don’t lie, numbers tell the truth, stats are who they are, you can twist all that to suit the path you want to walk down, as much as i want to deny what the ol’ ball sack did to UGA, those numbers don’t lie….knowing that rivalry will never get to a home at home any time soon, i will give CKS what ever power i have to spank that FU ass now and forevah……#FTMF


  7. Narratives gonna narrative. I quit buying all these tags years ago.