Zeus, the 2019 edition

Here you go, Zamir White’s entire first season for Georgia:

His strength and his vision stand out for me there.  He’s got the skill package to be an effective lead back this season.  What say you?


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27 responses to “Zeus, the 2019 edition

  1. Ran A

    Saw an awful lot of ‘between the tackles’ play calls. You could see him feeling his way back. Thought his vision improved as the season went on. The play calling and Fromm’s lack of enthusiasm to throw over the middle drew the Middle Linebackers up close to the line. That’s tough sledding, even with Georgia’s line.

    The obvious comparison is Chubb. He made quite a jump the 2nd year after the surgery and seem to get stronger as the season went. I think that is the footprint you hope for.

    It was Chubb’s 3rd year back (first year in the pro’s) when you saw the speed completely return. I could see these kid coming back next year as well. Biggest thing I hope for him is no harm to either knee.

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    • Jeff Sanchez

      I know I’m in the minority with most of Dawg Nation, but he’s been….fine? Closest comparison to me right now is Richard Samuel. Of course, it’s kind of amazing he’s even at the level he is after two straight ACLs. DGD territory just for that alone.


      • MGW

        Noooooooo. He definitely wasn’t 100% last year, but he’s so much better than Samuel in so many ways. For starters, Zeus can turn left and right.


  2. Junior

    Beth Mowens is stabbing my ears with an ice pick. “Zeus White down to the five yuurdd line”


  3. CB

    Running style looks like a lot like Chubb with a slightly taller frame. Chubb-like production isn’t there at this point, but if he can just get to 80% of Chubb he’ll be pretty good.

    Grain of salt in the sense that Ealy also ran like Knowshon. Imitation only gets you so far.


  4. Russ2

    No Doubt. He needs health and a OC with at least half a brain. He’s is a stud and a good kid to boot. Go Dawgs!


    • Ricky McDurden

      Seconding the OC comment. Some of those runs (especially a number stopped behind the line) and looks were doomed from the start due to predictability.


  5. ASEF

    I am going to assume that, like most guys returning from a knee injury, he was a bit off in everything he did. That goes away as confidence grows.

    For all the talk about Newman losing the spring, it’s a major hit to Zeus as well. As we saw with Jacobs at Bama 2 years ago and CEH at LSU last season, these offenses provide a great opportunity for RBs to demonstrate versatility. Zeus seems like a guy who can excel as a power runner, space receiver, and a FB when necessary. Too bad Monken didn’t get some to put him through the paces on all those roles.


  6. He has vision, power, a good burst and great speed when he breaks through. Pretty darn impressive given his injuries. My only critique would be that his balance when fending off tackles seems a bit too forward, causing him to go to the ground more easily than what we saw from Chubb in the same scenarios, but hey….Nick was extraordinary.


  7. Otto

    Agreed with the Chubb comparisons. My only real concern is his ability to catch the ball, and we don’t have enough film to know.


  8. Cojones

    Impressive yat and yac yardage. He will be the go-to guy in short yardage in between spurts for 10 or more.


  9. Dawg in Austin

    I see strength and speed, but freshman vision. Hopefully that, along with his hands, improve significantly this year.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    I like how he hits the hole without hesitation. Even against stacked fronts he’s grinding forward. Runs through arm tackles. If he has an injury free season he’s a lock to get 1,000+ yards.


  11. Macallanlover

    I don’t think we saw enough to be conclusive, but based on what I saw for 3 years in HS, he seemed to be getting strong enough. With his talent and determination, that is enough for me to vote he will surprise to the upside, the kid is a fighter and a winner.

    I don’t know how we would say “even with Georgia’s O line” last year in a positive way, we were terrible, specifically up the middle. Our guys got whipped enough to not provide any consistency or success. It wasn’t like we didn’t have talented runners, we failed to block even the weaker defensive teams. Yes, we had terrible play calling from our OC, but you just cannot excuse the run blocking we saw from the guards and center. Assuming we play, the OL will have to do more than pass block to allow us to win the tougher games. This has pretty much been the key to every good UGA team’s success.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I thought he would have been fine earlier in the season last year, but with Swift and Herrien available he just didn’t get that many touches. When he did get touches it was mostly ‘kill the clock’ mode. But in the Baylor game when it was pretty much much him and Herrien, I thought he rose to the occasion really well, particularly in the second half.


  13. At least we know he wont run 33 IZs in one game.


  14. MGW

    His carries were so inconsistent and limited last season it was hard for me to really gauge how good he was as the season went along until the Sugar Bowl. He looked dang good in that game. But after watching all those carries back to back, he’s a damn stud and he wasn’t even at 100%.

    Even the carries where the line is stacked and the play was a bust, he’d push the pile hard; rarely didn’t fall forward at the least. If ANYTHING was there, he took it and usually made someone miss or broke a tackle for extra yards. Aside from a couple where he was just nailed right when he got the ball, he looked like Knowshon taking near certain 3-5 yard losses back to the line of scrimmage.

    He just seemed a lot more consistently powerful, elusive, and explosive watching it all at once than I remembered seeing him occasionally throughout the season.

    Big things ahead for that guy if he stays healthy and we, you know, have a football season.


    • Yea, need to see him get rythm, and he needs to be allowed to get rythm.


      • Classic City Canine

        That’s been a frequent complaint of mine since Kirby got here. For some reason he loves to pull guys after a run or two and sub in. You gotta let the RB’s get in a rhythm. Maybe Kirby learned something after watching LSU toast us without subbing.

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  15. 123fakest

    I predict McIntosh passes him this year as RB1…………….


    • Macallanlover

      While I think McIntosh is being undervalued by most, I feel Zeus has a much higher ceiling (unless there is some physical/ mental limitations from the 2 ACLs for White.) I love knowing that both will get their chances given the way UGA spreads the ball around to RGs. Also pretty excited to see how Milton hits the ground in his first year. I don’t put Cook in the same category, and that might be a mistake, but his ability to spread the defense might open up some running lanes for the other guys.

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  16. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    I refuse to watch that on the basis of it violates my rights. You cannot make me watch James Coley designed and executed running plays, where we pretend the defense isn’t completely sold out to stop the run, but then point the play exactly where the defense is loaded.

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    • Classic City Canine

      Yeah, I watched it and the biggest thing that popped out was how bad our run game was designed. Such poor playcalling.