A tale of two secondaries

Good point.  Any examples come to mind?

Screenshot_2020-06-30 The Tailgate Tent on Twitter Here are the top 10 teams that out-performed the NCAA average in interce[...]

And on the other side?

Screenshot_2020-06-30 The Tailgate Tent on Twitter Here are the top 10 teams that out-performed the NCAA average in interce[...](1)

Hmmm… wonder which is more due for a dose of regression to the mean in 2020?



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13 responses to “A tale of two secondaries

  1. josh hancher

    Your Daily Gator doesn’t like regression to mean?


  2. Will Adams

    A defended pass is one where the defense gets it’s hand/s on the ball and causes an incompletion or interception, right? Does it include a hit that dislodges the ball as well? I’m wondering if the technique the DB’s are taught has something to do with a team being luckier based on this metric. Like, is one team playing the ball more while another is playing the receiver, and is there a correlation to how “lucky” the team is at getting interceptions?

    Either way, if both UGA and FU regress to the mean then the Dawgs D will be even better and the lizards will be on the field for more 3rd and Grantham’s.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Losing DB Henderson (top 10 pick), and two top passrushers (Greenard, Zuniga) should hasten the regression.

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  4. Ozam

    It’s hard for our guys to intercept passes when they are taught to focus on the receiver more than the ball.


    • Texas Dawg

      While interceptions are nice, the most important thing is that they do not complete the pass.

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    • Anonymous

      You also get far more interceptions when playing zone defense. We play man or a pattern-matching zone that essentially turns into man after the snap far more than most teams. You want to play man. Teams make you play zone. Grantham runs a lot of zone blitzes. His teams will always have a high int / pd ratio. Kirby’s defenses will always have a low ratio. It is just different ways to skin a cat. We had the #1 defense in the SEC last year. Florida was #2.

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  5. jt10mc (the other one)

    yet…it mattered not against probably the worst offense since 2016 Kirby has fielded last season…


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    It helps if the opposing offense has a shitty QB, the defense is in his face and he’s thinking about the last piece of sod he pulled out of his face mask before he threw the ball # accuracy
    For What it’s Worth:


  7. Speaking of secondaries Grimes went to North Carolina and Mack Brown is recruiting very well.


  8. FWIW – Grantham’s defenses at uga had the following SEC ranks in INTs

    2010: 5th
    2011: 1st
    2012: 7th
    2013: 13th

    Willie’s 2009 was second-to-last in SEC


  9. Mayor

    So…now you are saying intercepting passes is luck? Bad enough when you said recovering fumbles was luck. I guess hustle, skill, hitting hard and ability don’t mean anything. Sheesh!