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Okay, this is getting serious.

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That’s a fundraising event, typically, so that should give you some idea how worried schools are getting.



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“Strongly encouraged”

Larry Munson Governor Kemp has a message for you

Wear a mask or risk no college football this year.

That’s the message Gov. Brian Kemp, a die-hard Georgia fan, delivered Wednesday as he launched a statewide “Wear A Mask” tour.

“If people, especially our young people, don’t start wearing a mask when they’re going out in public and our numbers keep rising, that’s going to be a tall task,” he said of the prospect of a college football season.

“But if we all hunker down right now, and dig in the next two or three weeks, we can get this turned in the right direction.”

Maybe he should get Kirby to cut a PSA about how the pandemic has affected recruiting to really drive home the message.


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Your 7.1.20 Playpen

I have lived in the South my entire life.  There is much about Southern culture that I have embraced and cherished over that time, but this fetish, especially when I see it adopted by non-Southerners, is something I really don’t understand.

Screenshot_2020-07-01 Josh Wingrove on Twitter President Trump's acting DHS secretary announces he's creating a task force [...]

Screenshot_2020-07-01 Donald J Trump on Twitter I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Wa[...]

I presume in Trump’s case it’s likely nothing more than cynical political pandering, but he’s pandering because he thinks it appeals to a lot of folks out there.  Why should protecting the name of those who took up arms against this country matter enough to threaten people with 10-year jail terms and veto a defense spending bill?

And before you go all slippery slope and where will it all end on me here, there’s a pretty simple line I draw:  if you took up arms against the United States of America, there is no valid reason for your memory to be celebrated by the United States of America.  (Same thing for those of you in the “we risk forgetting our history” camp.  Nobody’s saying we shouldn’t be taught the lessons of the Civil War, but remembering is not the same thing as honoring the memory of men like Lee.)

We shouldn’t have to wait for protestors to take action against things that display Braxton Bragg‘s, or any other Confederate general’s, name.  As a nation, we should have enough of a sense of decency and shame to pull that down without being pushed.  It’s not as if we regularly honor the names of enemy soldiers from other wars, so why are we having this particular fight in the first place?  I honestly don’t get it.

Have at it in the comments.


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How the mighty have fallen.

Sure, it’s been a long time since Tennessee football was relevant, but even I was a little surprised by how bad things have gotten in Urnge Country.

Screenshot_2020-07-01 Pat Smith on Twitter OTD in 2012, Texas A amp; M and Missouri officially join the SEC Regular season [...]

No wonder the Vol faithful are so energized by the end of last season and the early recruiting success of this year.  What else have they got to cling to?


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BREAKING: The foxes like guarding the hen house.

There is a Senate Commerce Committee hearing scheduled today on college athletes and NIL legislation.  SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, Ole Miss athletic director Keith Carter and Ohio State president Michael Drake are among those invited to appear.  The committee chairman, in preparation for the hearing, sent a 20-question letter to officials at 50 NCAA conferences, associations, universities and colleges.

The results are about as unsurprising as you’d expect.

To a question asking if their institutions support modernizing NIL rules, just 40% of respondents agreed. To another question asking school officials to describe how NIL may impact amateurism, 84% of respondents answered that NIL would have a negative impact, with 5% believing there would be a positive effect.

Agents of change, these people aren’t.


UPDATE:  A “strategy worth considering”:

Screenshot_2020-07-01 Steve Berkowitz on Twitter In prepared testimony for today's Senate Commerce Committee hearing on col[...]


UPDATE:  In case you’re interested, you can follow the hearing live here.


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“We ended up with Kyle Trask, alone, at the top tier.”

If you want to hear a ringing endorsement of this year’s SEC quarterbacks, don’t dial this clip up at the 5:20 mark and listen.

You have to think somebody in this bunch will step up and exceed expectations, but who knows which quarterback(s) that will be?


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“The numbers don’t lie.”

The Sporting News purports to rank the top programs in college football by assigning point values to the following accomplishments:

Sporting News ranked all the FBS programs by their past 10 seasons with a statistical formula that bridges the Bowl Championship Series and College Football Playoff eras to determine the top 25 college football programs.

Here are the categories we used:

National championships: 10 points each
National title game appearances: 5 points each
College Football Playoff appearances: 5 points each
New Year’s Day Six/BCS bowl appearances: 3 points each
Heisman Trophy winners: 2 points each

Overall winning percentage, All-Americans and NFL Draft first-round picks were awarded with a poll style 15-1 score. Ties were broken by the team with the best overall record since 2010.

Notice what’s missing there?  Does anybody care about winning conference titles any more?  And if not, why even bother with conferences?


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“The virus does not discriminate.”


A noted University of Illinois computer science professor has some troubling data to consider regarding widespread infection and even death.

Dr. Sheldon Jacobson told CBS Sports he expects a 30%-50% infection rate of the approximately 13,000 players competing in FBS this season. Based on his research, he also projects 3-7 deaths among those players due to COVID-19.

“A few of them could end up in the hospital, and you’ll have a small number who could die,” Jacobson told CBS Sports. “I don’t want to sugar coat it for you. I just want to give you the facts. … If everybody comes together under normal circumstances, we’ll probably see that kind of outcome.”

Jacobson made his projections from CDC data that estimates one death per 1,000 people who have symptoms in the college age group (18-22). Taking into account that range and medical care provided for football players, the death rate would be lower than the general population, Jacobson said.

He stressed those numbers could change. Based on available statistics, less than 1% of the U.S. population has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Approximately 5% of the 2.6 million cases in the U.S. have resulted in death.

Obviously, not everyone has been tested. However, with students assembling in large numbers on campuses in the fall, that ramps up the overall risk and likelihood of infection at universities.

“I guarantee someone is going to die,” Jacobson said.

… Jacobson’s estimates were backed up by Dr. Michael Saag, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at UAB.

“That’s not a hard projection to make now that I’m sitting here thinking about it,” Saag said. “Any death would be horrible. More than a couple would be a shame, actually.”

“More than a couple would be a shame” makes for a hell of an epitaph for the 2020 college football season, actually.


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I’m just curious.  Agree or disagree with this?

Screenshot_2020-07-01 Andrew Percival on Twitter IMO for you to be considered a GREAT college football player, you have to [...]

Intellectually, I don’t get this, but I’m not going to deny that a lot of people feel like that.  What say you?


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